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  1. I'm just getting used to my new StarSense camera and something is really confusing me.  The manual says a calibration needs to be done the very first time (and only time I suppose) you start using this camera.  I did the first alignment procedure just fine after a bit of trial and error and then was moving on to the calibration step as follows:

    1. Go to "Named Stars"
    2. Select a star for alignment and press {ENTER} to begin slewing.
    3. Do coarse centering, press {ENTER} when complete.
    4. Do fine centering finishing by using UP and RIGHT arrow keys, press {ALIGN} when completed.
    5. Press {ENTER} when "Solution Found" message displays.
    6. Shut down the mount.
    7. Restart the mount and do a StarSense AutoAlign.

    My problem occurred during point #5.  It didn't say Solution Found it said ERROR NO SOLUTION. For the life of me I can't figure out why.

    Also as a side note, I feel like the mount plate for the camera causes the unit to sort of turn in a bit of a downward position, almost so that I have to believe a tiny bit of the sensor perhaps picks up some of the OTA itself...it's definitely not straight on.  My dew shield doesn't help that matter either, so not sure if these things are related.  I have the unit mounted on the right side of the OTA, so maybe I should move it to the center position.

  2. The bar arrived today!  If I told you Celestron packed it well, that would be an understatement.  The entire box was taped over followed by about a pound of packing material inside, and then the bar itself was first wrapped in about 2 feet of bubble wrap followed by a couple circles worth of packing tape followed by another 2 feet of bubble wrap lol. I've never seen a box prepared that way haha.

    Aye I'm so relieved!  Which means of course the next couple of days will be filled with clouds of course, but that's ok...I can now take my time and learn the thing. What a ride!

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  3. Thanks for allowing me to release a little bit of frustration here.  I've checked stock on the major sites every day for seven straight months as I was in the market for a C9.25HD + CGEM II Mount - as we know the global supply chain is all disrupted so this made for a tedious exercise.

    Finally about 3 weeks ago I saw some in stock and snapped one up.  Sure enough everything shipped ok and arrived at my house 12 days ago.  Starting to assemble everything I got to the point to attach the counterweight bar to the mount and realized there was no counterweight bar to be found!  Whoever did the packing somewhere along the line did not include the bar in the box.  I had to contact the retailer and tell them about it and they began the process of contacting Celestron for a replacement.  A day or two later I was relieved to learn a brand new bar was on its way but would take about a week to arrive due to shipping. Ok, so patiently I waited (again) and last Thursday was the day the bar was due to arrive.  I come home from work and sure enough the box is there at the steps, although it felt suspiciously light!  Bring it inside, open it up...and it's an EMPTY box.  I thought someone was playing a prank on me like on a hidden camera show.  Then I discover the box had about a 2" gaping hole in one corner and somehow the thing must have slipped out (or someone stole it).  So back I went to Celestron customer service again who is now trying to get me set up with yet another bar and told me that it would take another 7-10 days to receive it, hopefully anyway.

    Here I sit with a beautiful, brand new $4,000 telescope for 2 weeks now and I cannot use it because of some crazy turn of events that sounds highly ridiculous and totally improbable and yet here we are.  I wish I could say I was frustrated which is probably an understatement right now.  Sure, this all seems like a first world problem and I know there are starving children somewhere so boo-hoo about your telescope, I get that.  I just can't believe my luck, it's like someone or something doesn't want me having this scope!

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  4. 8 hours ago, Maideneer said:

    Still waiting for my counterweight bar, but the post office tells me that today is the day!  I hope to god the right one is delivered and I can get going with my new toys, it's been the longest week I swear!

    I am ABSOLUTELY beside myself. The box with the counterweight bar arrived today, I raced home to get it. I open the box and it was totally EMPTY. I thought I was on a prank show.

    I just can’t believe it, now I have to start the process all over again of waiting, this is crazy! And I’m just really sad.

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  5. On 29/07/2021 at 10:02, Maideneer said:

    I'm contacting Agena Astro today to try and resolve it.  My heart sank as I was building my new rig and came to the point where I realized there was no bar.  I checked each shipping box 6 times, looked in my couch cushions, you name it...it's just not there.  I worry that they just don't have something like that laying around, but maybe I'm wrong.  Hoping for good news, but I'll probably have to wait another week now to start using the thing.

    Still waiting for my counterweight bar, but the post office tells me that today is the day!  I hope to god the right one is delivered and I can get going with my new toys, it's been the longest week I swear!

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  6. I haven't really tried it yet because I'm waiting for my new scope pieces to arrive but I'm sitting here wondering if you go beyond the useful magnification guideline of your scope, does that mean you'll start to see 'nothing'?  What exactly will you see once you blow past that line?

    I have crazy ideas I like to try, like using a 3x barlow with a 2.3mm EP on a 9.25HD to see a crater on the moon...not saying that'll work of course but these are things I wonder about.

  7. 37 minutes ago, jacko61 said:

    I can measure mine in the morning but be aware that the zwo 16.5mm extension is M42 male - M48 female.  I don't think they do an M42 - M42.  This is causing me a headache this weekend trying to figure the 105mm backspacing on my C8 / meade reducer.



    The 16.5mm will be the last piece on the chain. The M42 portion fits to another spacer and the M48 portion will fit to the T-Adapter.

    A little birdie told me the measurement was 4mm, hopefully you can confirm!

  8. I have a huge longshot favor to ask someone.  I found a 5mm spacer tube but there is a little twist with it where the female thread is 3.5mm and the corresponding male thread MUST be 3.5mm to match it otherwise it will not screw in fully and the total extension provided will be greater than 5mm.

    If there is ANYONE out there with these ZWO 21mm and/or 16.5mm spacer tubes out there, could you possibly measure the male thread portion and tell me if either of those equal 3.5mm in length?  Cannot find any info here on the interwebs.



  9. 34 minutes ago, CraigT82 said:

    Yes 12.5mm including the flange. You can buy any T2 extension tubes, you don't need to stick to ZWO (unless you really want to)


    Ah, that's sort of what I was getting at.  It's just a piece of metal so I'm not a ZWO adherent in that sense lol...I just didn't know how to search for these things. Cheers sir!

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  10. Just received my brand new scope and can't even use it yet!  The forgetful folks at Celestron forgot to pack my counterweight bar in the mount box so I'm waiting for them to send me the piece as I wait in (im)patience.  However, this does allow me the time to make sure I have everything I need for imaging.  Correct back focus distance for this model is 146.05mm and I need some assistance getting to that point, as I will be using my ZWO ASI224MC (non-cooled).

    Assuming I pick up the T-Adapter which I don't have yet, that's 91.05mm.  Now then, the focus distance to sensor here is 12.5mm which means I need 42.5mm to reach the goal.

    Here is what I can't figure out:
    If you look at the attached diagram, is it telling me the 12.5mm distance is including the ring?  If it is, then I am then trying to figure out how best to get the needed 42.5mm through various extenders.  ZWO makes 21 and 16.5mm extenders but I don't believe make a 5mm one.

    So assistance from the more experienced folks here is needed from my end. As always, thanks for your help!


  11. 14 hours ago, Maideneer said:

    Well this is devastating. My CGEM mount came but they forgot to pack the counterweight bar🙁 now what?

    I'm contacting Agena Astro today to try and resolve it.  My heart sank as I was building my new rig and came to the point where I realized there was no bar.  I checked each shipping box 6 times, looked in my couch cushions, you name it...it's just not there.  I worry that they just don't have something like that laying around, but maybe I'm wrong.  Hoping for good news, but I'll probably have to wait another week now to start using the thing.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, John said:

    I think that is pretty much the reaction that is had from many that are new to decent aperture telescopes :smiley:

    I hope you really enjoy using it !

    I’m going from a Travelscope 70 to this. Holy baloney! Forget the gym membership, this is weightlifting enough!

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  13. 5 hours ago, Highburymark said:

    Fantastic - congratulations. 
    Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon are all rising, awaiting your first light….

    Just got home and opened everything. I…didn’t expect everything would be THIS big lol👀

    Talk about overwhelmed😂

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  14. After months and months and months of impatient waiting, checking stock every single day at all outlets, today is finally the day it all arrives.  The Dew Shield and Starsense are at the front door, now just awaiting the rest.

    I never imagined when I got into this hobby late last year that it would have taken this long to get a scope, but I guess that's what pandemic supply chains will do to things.  Now then, I don't know if I can swing it, but if I can get home early enough and set it all up, my hope is that it stays clear enough overnight tonight to get some kind of viewing in.

    I'm beyond excited.




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  15. 8 hours ago, badhex said:

    Was just wondering (and might benefit others with the same issue) what the end result was after each installation? Did the upgraded firmware not install correctly (i.e. firmware version still showing the same in the app) , or did it install but not fix the issue? And what was the difference in outcome between the left/right hand versions? Presumably there must have been some difference between the two if the scope was mounted on the same side for both versions? 

    During installation, I did encounter error messages which prevented me from completing the install, so I tried again, and again.  It seems to work whenever it wants to work.

    When I installed the Alt-AZ version, like I mentioned, the mount was almost disoriented so it though north was south and slewed to the ground during alignment.  I would have had to switch orientation of my scope if I wanted to continue using it.  The opposite was true with the EQ mode installation, the orientation of my scope didn't need to change.

    That's the main thing I could understand from both installations - orientations are flipped depending on which on is installed.  Not sure why they would do that really or if someone failed some sort of QC check to make sure of this aspect.

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  16. 27 minutes ago, Shimrod said:

    I was one of those birdies! And this was in a conversation about guiding - with the suggestion that the ASI224 was retained for guiding duties. If you want to do DSO you are still going to need something for guiding, so from my perspective it would make more sense to get an imaging camera with a larger sensor if you can afford it. With a small sensor you will face challenges getting the target on sensor, although you may be planning on using plate solving software to deal with that.

    I feel like I talk to so many people I don't remember who said what anymore!  That's what dad brain does to someone I guess.  So I think what I'm going to do here is get my new scope setup, learn the thing first visually and then see what is and isn't possible on the 224 and then make a determination on guiding and imaging cam.

    And I have to learn what plate solving is haha and how software can accomplish that.

  17. 38 minutes ago, Ags said:

    Maybe the update flipped sides. There are two version 3.30s - which one did you download?

    Doesn't support EQ mode (left arm):


    Does support EQ mode (right arm):


    Five times.  I tried re-installing the thing five times.  Twice with the first version you posted here and thrice with the second version you posted. It finally worked as advertised...I don't even know why the heck I tried that many times - probably because I'm stubborn lol.

    So yes, it's now back to "normal" but holy moly why was that so difficult?

    Oh and thanks, you inspired me to keep trying :)

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  18. 23 minutes ago, Ags said:

    Is the telescope on the "correct" side of the mount? Try mounting the scope on the opposite side and see if it improves.

    lol yep it is.  I already "fixed" that problem months ago.  And then after the update it all of a sudden kept happening again.  I'm gonna let it go for now tbh.  My brand new CGEM 9.25HD is coming on Wednesday (finally), so I think it's time to give the Skywatcher some rest for a while.

  19. Updated firmware yesterday and taking the scope out for a spin tonight.  What's happening now is the exact same frustrating thing that is happening when I first bought the mount.  Trying to do north-level alignment and as soon as I input a couple stars and set it north to begin, the thing thinks I'm pointing south or something and starts slewing towards the ground.  Even tried installing the update again and same thing.  So I guess I'll just manually observe tonight.  Oh also, before the update installed it used to ask me every time I connected if I wanted Alt-Az or EQ mode...that seems to have completely gone away and it automatically connects me to Alt-Az mode?  Not even sure how to change that if I wanted to.

    Have to be honest and say that this mount has been very hit or miss with me...it's not that great quite frankly.

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