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  1. cool I bet that you can see so many way cool objects with that big boy
  2. bject I was out on my Porch this morning at about 4:00 am, observing the morning sky, and was looking straight to the East, and saw a small blinking object,not sure what it was,I can look on my star chart,but am still getting used to using my star chart, it was a tiny orange little object,and I was observing it with my eyes, did not use my telescope to observe, tomorrow morning I can go out there with my Binoculars tomorrow morning and look at the object that way
  3. I was not sure if they were Booster Rockets,It was just Before sunrise that I saw an object going Across the early morning sky, as I said it was way before sunrise,it could have been GPS 2 -17 ROCKET 1,or it could have been a satellite or even a Starlink 1353,I am not sure what it was that I saw, so another member gave me too websites and I looked up both and booked mark both websites so that I can go back to either website and look up the object that I am seeing,and find out what Im seeing the websites our ww.heavens-above.com/main.aspx the other website is,https://in-the -sky.org
  4. is it possible that what I am seeing is cosmos 1455 rocket or would it be possible that I am seeing Starlinck 1551 I might even be seeing cosmos 807 or GPS 2-17 ROCKET
  5. I am watching How the Universe Works and I am learning about Jupiter so that is where I think I will start I will work on leaning about Jupiter for a couple months and then move on to learning about Arcturus but wont get to view Jupiter in the early morning sky till late summer
  6. they were not blinking and saw them just before the was rising it was low in the orbital Atmosphere that is what a member of Cloudy Nights told me,I am a member of that community too I am not sure if they our right or nor, but I would love too know if what I am looking at is right or not all I was told is that when I go out on my porch just before the sun gets a chance to rise that is what that small objects in the early morning sky our,I would love too know for sure
  7. this looks just like pretty much the same one like I have on my telescope and I have a 10mm lens and a 20 mm I am going to start using my telescope sometime soon and I have a Celestron Binoculars , that I have been viewing the early morning sky too I looked at Arcturus which is bright orange and sits just to the east where I live ,as I step out on my porch about 4:00 or 4:15 am I look to the East so I am also looking at Ursa Major and follow Ursa Major up all the way to the end of the Handel and see Arcturus a bright orange star as I was told from a member in this community I will out on my porch tomorrow morning to look at Arcturus with my bis
  8. I am starting to study up on Booster Rockets , I was standing out on my porch this morning ,and saw two Booster Rockets this morning they our so neat too see,I am going to concentrate on studying about Booster Rockets , for a couple of months, and then I will look to study something new I think Booster Rockets our seen just as the morning sun is rising up in the morning.
  9. question How do you get a good community Reputation,I am new in this community, and as a new member of this community, I want to get a good reputation,make a lot of friends in this community.
  10. thank you question how do you get a high reputation in this forum, am still new in this forum,and want to get a good Rep in this forum with all the members
  11. this is my celestron telescope it is a begginers telescope
  12. this is the telescope that I had gotten for a Birthday present it is a begging telescope
  13. question I have a celestron telescope,and I am still new too observing the stars and plants , I have a 10 mm lens,and a 20mm lens, what am trying to figure out is what lens is better for looking at the stars and plants,I will eventually get the hang of my telescope,but am new to using my telescope, I also have celestron binoculars that I am using at the moment, and have been going out on my porch in the early morning to gaze at our amazing cosmos , but will soon start to use my scope,for gazing at our vast cosmos
  14. I cant wait too see Jupiter again too I will also look for mercury and Venus as well Happy stargazing
  15. when is the best time to see Jupiter ? I have actually seen Jupiter in the western part of the sky where I live which is in the Northern part of ILL
  16. sounds cool hopefully will get too see Mercury from my location I live in Peoria,ILL and live in the northern part of ILL and hope too see Jupiter again as well, as I am out on my porch and am looking west that is where I saw Jupiter before and hope too see Jupiter again I want too see more then just booster rockets early in the morning which our neat too see
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