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  1. I believe I can do some planets but never had a chance to try as its either been too cloudy or never been in my FOV. I have not got a clue about nebulae as im not too sure what them are yet.
  2. Time to play with my raw files from this morning
  3. here is another one from this morning.
  4. a very interesting image. How was it done?
  5. I have no idea what I'm talking about, but could it be reflection from the clouds as clouds were passing pretty thick and fast?
  6. This is my first post of many (I hope) in this section, Im extremely new to astro related stuff, but I am a hobbyist photographer. I decided to get up extra early today as the moon was over my backgarden, But once I got up to view the sky it was patchy skies with fast moving clouds. Since I was up I decided to try and get some moon shots anyway. This is the only one I managed, I know its a little OOF, which I still need to work on but the fast moving clouds didnt help much. My first moon image using Sony A77 + Celestron Nexstar 90GT My Setup All comments are welcomed. Thanks for looking Geo
  7. This is the mount I have CLICKY CLICKY ME From further reading up tonight I believe I can catch the milky way etc by about doing 30sec exposures and then stacking, is that correct? If I can only capture planets/moon then at least that's a start on my mount.
  8. Good evening all, I have another newbie question here. I have a motorized altazimuth mount and I was doing to make a dovetail and mounting plate at work so I can attach a DSLR to it so I can take long exposures at night. But after reading up several sites I have seen wedges mentioned, Now being a newbie my kit anit great and I dont want to spend £££ on a wedge when I am not fully sure of its usage. So my question is do I need a wedge or can I attach the camera on the mount and still manage long exposures like 5mins of something. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi and welcome, I am a newbie from the north east too.
  10. The clear skies are a stunning thing to see. I'm only a newbie as I bought my first scope on Saturday gone, The only clear sky I have seen since I bought the scope was on Saturday night when I had no idea how to set it up.
  11. I am looking to do easy stuff first like the moon and planets if my scope can manage those. I know I'm not going to get stunning images as it was only £150 unlike some scopes I have seen.
  12. Thanks for your input, still learning all this new stuff. What would be needed to attach a webcam in that case?
  13. Munkie

    Hello SGL

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes
  14. I am a newbie to telescopes and astrophotography. Yesterday I bought my first scope celestron nexstar 90GT. I am a hobbyist photographer so I own a couple of DSLR cameras. Now I have been doing some research and I believe that I need a 1.25 T2 and also a T mount to suit my camera. Am I correct or am I missing something? Thanks in advanced
  15. Munkie

    Hello SGL

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I think I figured out the settings from another post on here regarding Skyalign. This is the said telescope, sorry about picture quality, it was taken on my iPhone last night.
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