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  1. In this vast universe, have we discovered all the elements? Or could there still elements we're not aware of? Just food for thought.
  2. I just purchased a Celestron Nexstar 6SE. I'm not even aware of an app but would like to know more about it. I would imagine that works in conjunction with the StarSense hardware. We have severely light polluted skies here in my city and I use my scope on a lighted rooftop deck as well. So I have a double whammy with regards to light pollution. The only things I can see at night is the moon and jets. That's it. Most of the time I just set my scope up and just scan the skies I hoped of finding something to view.. I've tried to locate the planets manually but haven't been successful at it, even with the star charts like Stellarium or Sky Portal. That's why I'd like to get some information on how successful StarSense is in locating the planets.
  3. Has anyone used StarSense on their telescope? I'm in a heavily light polluted city and wonder how something like that might work. It can be very difficult trying to locate guide stars as it stands now. I don't want to spend any money on something like that unless I know for sure what to expect.
  4. Does heat effect sky viewing at night? Right now we're having 90 to 100 F degree days and you can see the shimmering off the pavement, etc. Just wondering.
  5. I found one on the Celestron website for the Nexstar 6 SE. I ordered one but it's on back order. Thanks. I thought solar viewing was off limits.
  6. I have a Celestron Nexstar 6SE. Would any type of filter prevent damage viewing the sun?
  7. Does anyone here have the mailing address for the main office of Celestron in the USA? Sent them an email three days ago with no response yet. Thanks in advance.
  8. That's kind of what I had in mind but I don't have access to tools or a space to work in. So it looks like I'm going to purchase a garden cart like Peter has in one of his photos above.
  9. Peter, Thanks for the photo. Unless there's some other option which I'm not aware of, it looks like the cart would be the best option. I'm going to dread having to take it apart and reassemble after each time I use it. Just means more wear and tear on it imho. But it's rather top heavy so I don't see any other option. Is your cart at home the same dimensions as the one in your link? I need to make sure I get the right size..or maybe they all come in the same size.
  10. Hello As some of you know, I purchased a Celestron Nexstar 6SE recently. While I knew it was a little hefty when I purchased it, it seems much heavier when you actually try to move it around. I'd like to try and see if I can find a telescope-tripod dolly to make it easier on me when I move it. I live in an apartment building so I'm not worried about shoving through grass, etc. All I would have to do is mount it on the dolly once then move from apartment to elevator to the rooftop and back down again. I'm hoping some of the older members might be in the same predicament I'm in and can recommend something. Thanks in advance.
  11. OMG I didn't realize binoculars could get so big. I'm so used to seeing the field binoculars that are used by bird watchers or fans at sporting events. Those are huge and no doubt have a huge price tag as well.
  12. Come back in ten years and give your opinion.
  13. Looks like a great telescope and I'm glad you're happy with it. Originally I wanted a Dobsonian Skywatcher Telescope as well but when I started adding cost of the accessories to go with it, it would have cost me more than the Nexstar 6SE package. So I pulled the trigger on the Celestron 6SE. I'm also an oldie but goodie and won't have to worry about hauling such a large scope up to the roof each time I want to use it.
  14. Hello Everyone Thanks for all the replies. You've all been a big help. I just wanted to let you know I purchased a Celestron Nexstar 6SE telescope with lots of accessories like lenses, filters and other misc things. I got a great deal on the package so I pulled the trigger. Originally I was looking to purchase a Dobsonian Skywatcher Telescope but for a couple hundred dollars more, I got a go-to scope with lots of accessories. Only time will tell if I made the right decision as I live in a high light pollution city. Am hoping for the best. Thanks again to everyone.
  15. Well... being a newbie..that "nothing special" is beyond my comprehension. Looks like it cost an arm, leg and part of a hip.
  16. I spent 10 years as a gold nugget prospector traveling between Arizona and Nevada during the 90's and I NEVER saw anything like that before. That's pretty cool and wish I would have had something like that back then.
  17. I never thought of that. What is the highest power binoculars you can purchase?
  18. Since I'm a relative newcomer to astronomy and purchasing my first telescope I need to find out if this hobby is suitable for me before I purchase an adjustable chair as some of those are pricey. For the time being, I'm going to purchase some thick seat cushions and use those to adjust my height as needed.
  19. That's a good point and that will come later. I've never owned a telescope before..much less one this big. I need to spend some time getting familiar with it and have no idea how long that might take. After that, I could form a plan depending on what and where everything is located using my Stellarium app. I'd love to see if I can find the planets.
  20. 9" tall? I can't imagine seeing much with that. I like the 10 inch Dobsonian for two reasons. Price and aperture. I live downtown in a major light polluted city. I hope the larger diameter aperture might overcome some of that. If I get really discouraged I can always sell it. As far as purchasing an adjustable chair for height, I'll just use some square seat cushions with a chair for the time being.
  21. If any of you had a choice of three lenses and filters that you'd want to use on a 10 inch Dobsonian telescope, which three would it be?
  22. Thanks for all the replies. You've been a terrific help to the newbiest of all newbies. Seriously...I'm a total newcomer to this hobby. I have a question about lenses. Are lenses of the same size interchangeable? I notice there's different brands of lenses and filters and a lot of them are 1.25" in diameter. Will they all fit any telescope that requires 1.25" lenses? Or do I have a watch for specific lenses for special brands of telescopes?
  23. OMG . Are you operating the Hubble telescope from home? Seriously... what type of scope are you using?
  24. Does anyone have opinions on the collapsible Dobsonian scopes like this one? Being a newbie not quite sure what to think of them. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/735539-REG/Sky_Watcher_S11720_10_Dobsonian_Telescope.html
  25. To tell you the truth, I simply don't know yet. This would be my first serious telescope. The reason I'm purchasing one is because I simply can't sleep at night and I'm usually up by 3:00 am. Rather than toss and turn for the rest of the night, I'll just set up the scope and see what's up in the sky. I'll just point it wherever until I find something interesting then try to identify it using the the Stellarium app.
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