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  1. Thanks Vlaiv....yep, all good and calibrated. Used the Crop tool to shave off 1 pixel of the resized flats and PI was happy. A useful learning in changing the geometry of images in PI. I think the lesson for me here is to double check settings before taking the images....all round easier that way!
  2. Worked a treat....almost. Original size of Flat (in pixels) was w=4144 h=2822. After using IntegerResample they came down to w=2072 h=1411. However, it appears that the Lights and other calibration frames (all originally Binned 2x2) are 1 pixel out (w=2072 h=1410) and PI doesn't want to calibrate. One pixel out
  3. Wow...ok...software binning! Everyday is a school day! Thanks Vlaiv, going to give that a go. I'll let you know how it goes
  4. Really good point...didn't even think of that! Something to investigate over the weekend. Thank you
  5. Hello Everyone Took the rig out into the back garden the other weekend just to spend some more time going through the set-up process and getting used to the software etc. Once set up, chose M27 as a target, again more to get some time using the image capture software (NINA). At the end of the evening took my Flat Frames and packed up the rig. All good. When I came to processing (PixInsight) I discovered that I couldn't calibrate my Flats with my Darks. Some error talking about incompatible geometry. Did some investigation and realised that all my lights (and other calibration fr
  6. Thanks Nik...makes sense. Also good to know as I do tend to switch around between imaging and visual.
  7. @Laurieast @Neil H Perfect....all focused up now....thank you for your help
  8. Thanks Neil....Yeah...looks like I need a bit more space...thank you for the pictures as well ...it does help to visualise. I haven't watched the video yet but will give it a go later. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks Laurence.....Ok...yep ... that makes sense....looks like I probably need about another 30mm. Many thanks for taking the trouble to take the picture. :0)
  10. Hi Everyone Recently took delivery of my first refractor...SW 80 ED...and was putting it on the mount during the day to work out balance, focus etc. When looking for the focus point I aimed it at a distant tree line (miles away) but, even with the focus tube all the way out I could not reach focus. I added in some spacers (about an extra 50mm worth) and I could see that it was starting to get there but it looked like it still need more 'distance'. Maybe another 10 or 20mm. Now I know that I can get another spacer to add that distance in and I feel it will probably work but somehow it
  11. Congratulations Chris.....I would like to say that your YouTube channel more than anything else has probably inspired me to take up astronomy in a more serious way....and of course led me to recently join this forum.
  12. Ok, I'm new to AP but here is my first DSO (M42 of course!). Taken with a Celestron Nexstar 6SE and associated Alt-Az mount so no guiding and no filter with a 73% moon. Camera was a ZWOASI294MC. About 100 x 10s subs with darks, flats and bias. All stacked and processed in Pixinsight. Having got the camera refurbed from FLO I was anxious just to try something while waiting for an EQ mount etc etc. This was very much a case of lets see what we can see night. Second was first light with an RC8 (just as it came out of the box so no view on collimation) on a CEM70 mount on M81 (new gear h
  13. Weird....I was litteraly just reading this thread and a delivery has arrived with this in it! Birthday present from Mrs G. I have this sneaky suspicion that she is more excited. P.S. First post on this forum and looking forward to many years of enjoying the collective wisdom here
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