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  1. I know how you feel, one of my other hobbies is paragliding, a double weather whammy for me.
  2. The field of view on the web cam is so small that the target needs to be absolutely dead center. To overcome this problem I used a zoom lens to start with at a wide angle then went up the magnification ratio recentering as I went along till at max mag in the zoom the planet was dead center still. What I found when swopping to the camera was that there was no image on the pc. After slewing the telescope all around where I thought it should be I realised the image was there, just so far out of focus its almost invisible. Once in sharp focus I made a parfocal eyepiece from a cheap 10 mm plossl, its field of view is wider than the camera so its easier to find and center the planet but, best of all, as its parfocal the planet is pretty well in focus and much easier to see on the pc.
  3. [ Newbie conclusions: Make sure you get your lat and long the right way round. Understand what daylight saving actually means! With a CG5 after aligning do at least one calibration star but the more the better. Most importantly of all - ask. Being on my own, no matter how many books and articles I read, actual practical experience doesn't always go as you see it in your head. This forum has helped me choose equipment, polar align and now setup of GOTO. To all who have helped me so far, thankyou. Neil I know just what you mean about reading books, you can read till your blue in the face but its just not the same as having some one who has actually done the task to guide you through it.
  4. Likewise, I had the amazing view of cold rooftops and clouds:(
  5. I have one of these fitted to my CPC 800 and have found that if I use the primary mirror focus first with the revalation racked in, that, the amount of fine focus required by the revalation focuser is very small and even with a Williams diagonal and spc web cam if needed I could look vertically without hitting the body.
  6. Seems that we share the same wife blah blah and all that:)
  7. I gave up when I realised that jupiter had gone yellow, that'll be the ice on the filter then. This weathers fit only for polar bears and penguins. Oh! and Royal Marines Commando of course:icon_salut:
  8. I dont know about dslr ,but my cpc webcam set up is: Williams diagonal /ultima barlow/webcam. The web cam in essence just replaces the eyepiece, the rest of the viewing train remains unchanged. There is a marked difference in focal points though, a sharp visual image is replaced frequently by an almost invisible image on the pc. I've been caught out a few times thinking that I'd moved the image off chip only later to realise that the image was there but highly diffused because the focus was so different.
  9. I bought one of these for my cpc800, there probably are better ones but there is the question of even more additional cost. Antares Antares dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTs
  10. I tried one on an evostar 120 but the design of my focuser meant that the "knob" could not be removed as the pinion was a one piece casting. Its reliant upon one of the knobs being removed and the motor coupling being attached to the end shaft. I have no idea if this type of focuser is common to the range ( the scope is fairly new about 9 months old) or maybe just an alternative part used when original stock was in short supply at the factory, but its worth checking your focuser first. If the knob has no grub screw and appears to be a solid casting then the electric focuser wont fit without resorting to a hacksaw and file.
  11. Thank you for this tutorial I tried it tonight on one of my previous avi's and compared it to my first effort, to say there was an improvement would be an understatement. Roger
  12. Thanks for that - I think that I will stick with plan A and just keep one as a back up. The other macros you mentioned sound like they might be worth a try though, do you have any links to them?
  13. Could a mod please move this to Imaging - Tips, Tricks and Techniques please.
  14. I can see the moon from my garden, its that blue hazy thing with a glow all around it. Fog here also for the past 3 days
  15. I have two 880 cameras, one flashed already by Morgans and the other is as standard. I followed a link "spc uncovered" and a further link to astrobond ( astrobond.ebrawe ) where there is fair bit of info on 3 different macros one of which if I read correctly - the Colour Raw mode - seems to give an increase in sensitivity. I wondered if anyone has tried this particular mod and if so was it worthwhile?
  16. Perhaps adding a chain saw might help
  17. Agreed, I love my cpc, its really user friendly with good optics and a rock solid mount.
  18. If the clouds play the game I will have another try tonight and maybe go for a range of exposures and try go get one or two with the powermate on. That's actually proving to be quite the trick at present as the camera and eyepiece sit in a slightly different position- the locking ring pushes the camera barrel just enough to one side to make the image miss the chip. Any pointers to make life easier will be gratefully received.
  19. I dont mind at all, I thought there would be more detail in the picture, thanks for the tips and your reworking.
  20. Thank you, I tried hard not to over do it. Its the first time that i've thought that "I like this one" I have tried a few times before but the focus always seemed not as good as I thought on the pc.
  21. Taken with cpc 800 and neximage at f10 as I couldnt get the powermate to play ball before the fog rolled in. There is no processing other than wavelets in registax ( just over 1000 stacked frames)
  22. Tried my luck with the neximage on my cpc with image reducer. It looks a bit dark to me but I'm only just getting used to sharpcap
  23. Both Lee and Neil are very helpful and theres a fair selection of kit to look at. Bakers court is easy to drive past as its a cul de sac, but its only around 50 meters after the entrance, its one of the houses on the right.
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