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  1. Thanks for all the quality comments; jesus; everyday i learn lots of new stuff. Im liking the comments about the 130PDS or similar scopes. I think ill pass on the refractors for now; maybe in the future ill revisit them.
  2. So; these are the models im currently looking into: Refractors Gskyer 90x700mm - The first i checked was a direct upgrade with the same brand, its a bit better than my current one; but still same shady brand; and well; i dont really know if there is much upgrade from my current one, honestly i looked it up more as a reference before starting to look into other models. https://www.amazon.com/Gskyer-Telescope-Astronomical-Refractor-Technology/dp/B00WCG3UOS?ref_=fspcr_pl_dp_2_499152 Celestro Astromaster 102AZ - much better mount and brand than my current one; and has a 660mm le
  3. Thanks for the replies; another thing i read on a website was: "A key advantage of the refractor is that there is no central obstruction. The secondary mirror of the reflector blocks some of the light coming into the tube which reduces the effective aperture. In telescopes with 5” or less aperture the refractor is typically considered to have about a 1-inch advantage. This means that a 5” reflector and a 4” refractor would be considered about equal in light gathering ability, a key measure of the power of a telescope." How accurate is this? would this mean that a 90mm Refractor would perf
  4. AlvinP


    I have been browsing these forums for a couple of months non stop and just today decided to sign in with Facebook and make a post. I got a 70x400mm cheap scope, but im looking forward to all the amazing stuff ill learn on these forums!
  5. Hello, I've been on these forums a couple of times for the last 2 weeks and ive found amazing advice, on telescopes, mounts and eyepiece. Besides reading countless of information on the internet about various equipments; pros and cons; and i got some queries about how to upgrade my setup. My original purchase was a 15x70 Celestron Binoculars last year, and boy ive seen amazing things with it, specially globular clusters, Jupiter and Saturn and the Orion's Nebula; for me these were amazing; i still use them given how easy it is to look at the sky with them and how bright and full ever
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