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  1. That's not functionality I use so I couldn't say. I think SkEye is Android only so I wouldn't be able to use it anyway.
  2. Sky Safari 6 Plus has dropped to £9.99 on the iOS App Store (I think from £14.99) and I've just bought it. Sky Safari 6 Pro has dropped to £25.99 from (I think from £38.99). Not sure if the Android versions have also been reduced.
  3. I’ve only had my 20x80s for a short while. I’ve tried them on a nice, tall monopod and it’s great to be able to manoeuvre around. However, maybe it’s because I perhaps have shaky hands but I don’t get a rock solid view and as you probably know the slightest movement makes the view jump around. Maybe there’s an element of practice involved in holding them steady though. I’m going to try with my tripod to see if the stability improves but it means losing out on manoeverability.
  4. I had to look up what one of those was but it looks brilliant! Even better than an app!
  5. Yes, I'm an Apple user not Android. Looks like Sky Safari is the popular choice. I think I'll audition the free versions of Sky Safari and Stellarium and wait for a discount before committing to a purchase. Thanks all for your replies.
  6. I love an app so as a beginner stargazer I thought I’d get an app for my iPhone to help me identify and navigate my way around the sky. There are so many to choose from though and it’ll take ages to evaluate them to sort out which are the best. Are there one or two apps that people on here recommend?
  7. SilverSurfer

    Hi SGL!

    I’ve just joined and thought I’d say hello. ive recently re-kindled an interest in the night sky and have a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20 x 80 binoculars coming. I’ve been going out to the garden in the meantime but it’s either been too cloudy or more often the sky is just so much of a glow (I’m in London). Still, it’s been exciting to see a few stars and the moon. I’m looking forward to exploring the sky and chatting about it with all the folk at SGL.
  8. The Auriol 10x50 bins will be back on sale for £14.99 in Lidl (in England) from this Thursday (8th April). I’m thinking that I might try and pick up a pair just to be able to casually keep in the car. Not sure if it’ll be money down the drain though as £15 is £15. Maybe I’d be better off putting the £15 towards some other piece of equipment.
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