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  1. Hi, I am a beginner and planning to buy my first telescope. After much research I decided to go for an 8 inch Dobsonian and since I am in Germany I chose Skywatcher 8 inch classic which seems to be the favorite. However, Astroshop.de pushed out the delivery date to July and others like Teleskop Spezialisten have refused to take any preorder before he has cleared his backlog. Astro shop has already postponed delivery by two month and there is no guarantee they won’t do it again. They have a earlier delivery date on GSO 8 inch Dob with the deluxe version with 1:10 micro redu
  2. How I wish that I could go to a star party to lift the 8" Dob to feel it or visit a fellow enthusiast in Germany, where I live, and take a look at their devices before I make up my mind. But these are strange times and who knows when we can do that again. Might have to blindly bet I guess. But it is reassuring to hear from you that it is not a task only for Hercules. I am leaning towards the Dob to be honest and swear to god, if my dealer wasn't out of stock I would placed the DoB order yesterday.
  3. Thank you Doug. Its reassuring to hear that it is perfectly good for more DSOs and not just the very brightest. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Thankyou. I did not think about decoupling and buy it piecemeal. Maybe a good idea to go with EQ5 or higher and the Mak OTA alongwith.
  5. Hi Everyone, Off the bat, I understand this comparison is probably unfair on the Maksutov from a visual range and performance perspective. A little bit on the context of this question: My current circumstances will mean that I will do a lot of window gazing as I do not have a backyard. I plan to take the telescope and mount out often to a darker place out in the open in my car so ability to transport it without hurting my back or worry about damage to the equipment is important. So even though the Dobsonian is probably going to outperform on ability to show not so bright DSOs,
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