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  1. I don't think it's a dumb question at all. If the mount has ball or roller bearings and is fully loaded including weights brinelling could occur if the mount was left in the same position for months. Just give it a swing every so often to ensure that your balls move to a different location. Dave Cook
  2. I can understand different manufacturers having different diamensions for compression rings and undercuts but not a manufacturer who produces incompatability in its own equipment. After purchasing a WO 28mm UWAN I found that the eyepiece stood proud of the WO diagonal by 6mm it was designed to fit in and of course the ring and the undercut were out by the same amount. Complaints to WO via the seller produced the following from WO. "We have tested an eyepiece in a diagonal, turned it upside down and shaken it and it did not fall out" What do they thgink I'm doing out there at midnight, the Oakey Cokey? Dave Cooke
  3. Kai, Yes, that's the rascal, but it's not exactly the first example of adverts which include hand picked phrases. I'm a bit of a WO man myself (FLT 110, ZS 80, binos, diags and set of UWANs) and I know that WO do not supply optical test reports so the only way of determining the relative quality of different scopes is to labouriously test each scope in stock. I would have thourght that someone as busy as Ian King would have better things to do. Let's face it, in the UK it could take months of waiting for decent seeing conditions before a meaningful decision could be made. If, on the other hand, laboratory testing were carried out how much would that cost, £50/£75 per scope? It just doesn't add up. I'm not knocking WO at all, I think they produce very good equipment at very good prices and I have bought a lot of stuff from Ian King. My reason for the original post was that in the area of optics where, without recourse to expensive test equipment, it is extremely difficult to quantify the optics how can so many people be selling hand picked telescopes. Dave Cooke
  4. Hello everybody This is my first post but unfortunately a questioning one for the whole Stargazers community. When someone describes their equipment in For Sale adverts as Hand Picked/Specially Chosen/Reserved etc does this mean that the advertiser has; a)Paid more money originally b)Is married to the original seller c)That the original sellers are prone to favouritism d)Or just full of BS This is a serious question as the implication in these adverts is that some people get a better deal than the ordinary Joe Dave Cook
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