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  1. Looking at the 'plane' at the top I dont think it is a plane. It has 35 distinct dots on the trail meaning it was in every shot. At 15 seconds per shot that is roughly 9 minutes. A plane would cover that section of the frame much much quicker even at a great distance. It must be something else
  2. Nova I dont think this is right. As far as I know we can see neutron stars. Although they do have immense gravitational pull they are still nowhere near as powerful as black holes. Light cannot escape the pull of a black hole which is why they havent yet been directly observed
  3. There is a small white star at 4 o clock to the main star in the first frame but disappears in the rest. Any idea if this is a processing artifact or actual motion of the star (assuming it is a star of course)?
  4. Go for it Steve. Its thrilling waiting for the processing wondering if it worked or not especially when you come out with something your happy with. I used ISO400 and I think my lens is 18-55mm set at F2. I dont know much about cameras so I just set everything to max and hoped for the best
  5. Thanks Mark. I thought that myself. I dont recall seeing any film pics since I have joined. I guess Im bringing it back
  6. One 25 second exposure taken on an old film SLR then scanned onto the computer. Im really happy with how this turned out
  7. Thanks Kevin but I was using a trial version that only allowed me take one 600 second exposure rather than several shorter ones so I had no control over that plus I only had enough credit for 3 shots so I went for variety
  8. Im no good at this so I will have to take your word for it tiwar. The GRAS system is basically a fleet of telescopes that you can rent to use remotely. You basically log on to your scope and it gives you a list of targets and it takes a picture. I was using a free trial. 1 hour of scope time
  9. These were taken in New Mexico using the GRAS system on a Tak TOA 150. 600 second one shot exposures each. I wouldnt know how or if any more detail can be obtained from these but since I dont have the equipment myself, these are the best I am going to get for a long while. Does anybody know what the smudge to the left of M66 is?
  10. Hi Perry, I have the Celestron 130EQ and have seen a few DSO's including M31 and M13. The views are pretty good but to be realistic you should buy the biggest aperature you can afford as that is what really brings out DSO detail
  11. Cheers John just placed the order. Steve thanks for the advice I'll see what its like when it arrives. Fingers crossed
  12. Does anyone know I can purchase one? I just bought a Meade Telestar 60 at a local sale for €5 but it has no eyepieces. I figured this would be the cheaper and easier option considering I have a few 1.25 eyepieces already. Cheers in advance
  13. Most definitly not Paul. Welcome to the club
  14. Hi Paul, I would have to agree with you. It does seem too convenient at times. Especially with their StarParty this weekend. Any search about the meteorite would bring you to their website who's cover page is an ad for the StarParty. Maybe Im just paranoid though
  15. As suggested before M57 would appear as a circular fuzzy. It is a planetary nebula in Lyra and M13 would appear similar. It being a large globular cluster.
  16. Hello and welcome to the club. You will find this forum to be a priceless tool at your disposal
  17. I just showed two friends my scope for the first time and never again I swear. We were out in my back garden nice and quiet and dark and they wouldnt stop yapping and checking their phones every ten seconds. The only thing I managed to show them was M13 and they were far from impressed. There's just no pleasing some people
  18. Sadly I havent reached that level of preparation yet I will bear it in mind for future sessions. Its looking like it should be clear tonight so I will give the control swapping idea a go. Thanks for the advice!
  19. So this has to be done pretty much every time you select a new object to view? I thought I was doing something wrong but it turns out this is how the system works? I dont feel like such a plonker now As for the slow motion controls, I assume mine are getting in the way because they are so short and stiff (only about 6") as opposed to the ones in pics that are a foot or even longer and very droopy?
  20. Ive had it about 6 months now and I have always just pointed it straight at objects using the latitude screw for elevation. I polar aligned the other night and tried using the equatorial system properly but I just dont get it. The eyepiece is sometimes facing the ground and sometimes facing the sky and the the OTA keeps getting stuck on the slow motion controls and Im on my hands and knees trying to see objects. I checked out videos online and it looks like Im doing everything right so why is it so uncomfortable to view using this method?
  21. Excellent yes that does answer my question. I had a feeling it was something to do with the dispersion of light across the object
  22. Im absolutely thrilled with this one. Its only my second Messier object so far. The other being M31. I found M13 to be unmissable in the FOV unlike M31. It puzzles me. M31 is mag 3.5 but M13 is only mag 5.9. How come M13 was much brighter in the scope? The seeing conditions on both viewings were identical. Any ideas?
  23. thats amazing. it looks like a cosmic washing machine
  24. Excellent captures. Its amazing seeing the variations in magnitude of this beast trailing across the skies. @Space Oddity6; yes every one of those tiny moving dots is likely to be a satellite of some description. The heavens above website will show you passes of certain satellites in your vicinity. Its well worth checking out
  25. As the title says, is it worth my while scanning and then trying to stack 35mm prints? I'm new to photography and I cant yet afford a DSLR. Ive only taken a few pics with my SLR and am waiting for them to be printed so with enough frames could I stack a viable astrophoto?
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