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  1. If it's kosher why cover up the van's number plate? Dave Cooke
  2. Is that the AN that features a long article on visual work and sketching and shows silhouette of scope with camera equipment on cover? Dave Cooke :?
  3. Hello Ben, I bought the same tripod last year supposedly to fit the LXD55 mount, it did not fit either but I managed to get away with a bit of filing and all was well. I also wanted to beef up the clamping of the legs and the wooden spreader/table so I contacted Berlebeg and they were able to supply within the week. Suggest you go straight to Berlebe Dve Cooke
  4. A great book for any obsrver however, there always is an however, the binding is not very good. I have been using mine in Greece and possibly the heat has got to it but it is already starting to fall apart, bit like myself really but I am more than five weeks old. Dave Cooke
  5. I am sure that most of you know what is coming. My XP laptop died on me recently and it's replacement has the Vista operating system. I can load the Autostar suite itself but not the camera. Is there a way round this in simple language. Many thanks Dave Cooke
  6. Just got mine, now I can't stop fantasizing about the legs of women who need the highest setting. Dave Cooke
  7. I have a WO flt 110, it would have been nice to have some sort of quantative definition of the scope rather than the advertising puff that seems so prevalent. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted with my WO and there is no way that this is leaving this house but why are good manufacturers so very coy about revealing their quality, perceived or otherwise. Your example at least gives some numbers. Dave Cooke
  8. Hello John, Regarding the e star in the trapezium I suspect that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing as Orion heads west but I will be trying and will let you know the result. Likewise any suitable close doubles. I have gone from being a guy with a big hole in the pit of my stomach to being very excited about this telescope. What I did not say in my original post is that I spent a considerable amount of time researching the relative merits/prices of the ZS 110, FLT110, Tak 102s and the Vixen 115s and feared that I had made a bad decision. Whilst I acknowledge that the Tak probably has
  9. A month ago to the day I posted a query on what should be observable with a 4 inch Apo after I had sent a scope back to the supplier after judgeing it to be underperforming. The original scope gave very poor views of the planets, no detail whatsoever on Mars, Saturn, to quote Galileo, had ears and the rock fall on the periphery of Plato could barely be seen. Curiously enough the instrument appeared to be in perfect collimation and the focuser was a joy to use (Don’t you just love an original turn of phrase) at the time I didn’t give any further details as I was still in discussions with the su
  10. I wish it would get cloudy, I'm knackered Dave Cooke Will this get me barred? :occasion6: :albino:
  11. Many thanks for your replies, not what I was hoping to hear but at least I will not be looking for the unobtainable. MEMO TO SELF Stop reading Cloudy Nights' road tests. Regards Dave Cooke
  12. Hello all, I have had to send a recently purchased 4" APO back as I was unhappy with its performance. I wish to be a bit coy about the make at this stage except to say that it was towards the expensive end off the market, I will also add that the shop is willingly replacing the scope and I have no criticism whatsoever of the retailer. My question is what should I be able to see with such an instrument. I believe the following should be possible. 1 Detect 5 stars in the trapezium 2 Split epsilon Aries 3 Detect the craterlets in Plato I would welcome opinions on wether my expectations are too hi
  13. Give the LXD a miss, it was a cheap attempt at producing a Vixen GPDX and it failed bigtime. The best thing you can do with these mounts is to buy them up cheaply and sell off the componants when some poor devil needs something. Dave Cooke
  14. Who said that God didn't have a sense of humour. WO 110 Fluorostar arrives Tuesday Mounting plate arrives Thursday Ready to go Rugby playoffs Friday, Clear skies Rugby final in 45 mins, Even clearer skies, not one cloud, no haze, no wind, no notion of which way to jump. Dave Cooke
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