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  1. Hi guys, on my first use of my scope I was just randomly pointing it in different directions and at one point a white dot flew very quickly across my entire field of view. Was this likely an asteroid and is it common to observe this at random or did I get extremely lucky on my first attempt at star gazing?
  2. Thanks for all the help guys I didn't expect to get so many replies. Louis D, the field does face away from the center, towards the coast so maybe it will help a bit. Starwatcher2001, I'm from up north too, whitley Bay near Newcastle
  3. Hi, I've just ordered my first telescope, an Orion Starblaster II 45 EQ. I've had a very big interest in space as long as I can remember and thought I'd finaly get a setup at the age of 41. I'll probably make myself sound silly with this question but I'll ask anyway. Where I live is bortle 6 but my house backs onto a large field but there are light sources around the perimeter of it, will the large field have any impact on bortle? I'm hoping it may lower my bortle to 5 but I'm guessing this is wishful thinking.
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