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  1. BTW I printed the masks on transperancy sheet, as Steve suggested. Thank you Steve!
  2. Hello All, I just finished collimating my Garrett Gemini LW 20X80, it had a major collimation problem. The images were offset vertically and horizontally. This technique of using bhatinov mask is very very effective as Konstantinos has already explained so well, I never expected it to be soo easy to collimate. I had same issues with my skymaster 15x70 before and had struggled a LOT to collimate them. Wish I had read this thread back then, would have made my life so much easier. Anyway, I was able to collimate my 20x80 in less than 10 mins, that too the skies were not very clear, i focussed on jupiter as the stars were not bright enough. This is one of the best or I should say THE only way to collimate without having to go through any pain in the neck. I am very happy THANK YOU SO MUCH KONSTANTINOS! Best Regards, Umesh
  3. Hello, I am having some problems with my Garrett Gemini 20x80 LW collimation, I would like to try your trouble shooting method, but I do not know the focal length of this binocular. Any idea on how to find this parameter? Also on the web page you referred for generatin the bahtinov mask, there is edge thickness parameter which is by default 15mm on the page, should that be altered or left alone? Please let me know! Umesh
  4. Umesh

    Hello Universe!

    Hey James, Thank you for the welcome message. I am from Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the southern part of India. Clear Skies
  5. Umesh

    Hello Universe!

    Thank you all for such a warm and enthusistic welcome. Clear Skies
  6. Umesh

    Hello Universe!

    My name is Umesh from India, 29 yrs old, watchin the deep sky objects has been my childhood fantasy, so glad that its comin true now... better late than never they say. Jupiter and Saturn's rings are the ones that got me started.... gosh they are just soo heavenly. BTW am gonna buy my first ever gadget for astronomicaL use i.e The celestron skymaster 15x70 Binocs and the skywatcher greatstart 70mm refractor telescope.... anyone who owns any of these items do please share ur views with me that would really help.... am soo freakin excited. and here i am, sayin a BIG Hiiiiiii to everyone! Regards, Umesh
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