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  1. Hi and welcome. Lovely scope to get you going. New interest for me too but plenty of help and advice to be had here.
  2. tea_subtle


    Hi and welcome.
  3. I was doing some house keeping on the recently acquired skywatcher 200p and noticed that the focuser is very slightly out of square with the tube. The top two adjustment screws on the focuser body are at different depths. And looking at the body of the focuser with the barrel turned all the way out you can see that the focuser angles in very slightly towards the primary mirror. is this normal? I assumed it should be at a perfect 90 degrees to the secondary mirror. would it be beneficial to get the focuser square to the tube and then pull the secondary back to centralise it in the focu
  4. I use the sky portal by Celestron app which is powered by sky safari but free. does anyone know the differences between the two apps and is it worth paying and changing to sky safari. thanks.
  5. Went up to Sutton Bank tonight. Aside from the kids in cars popping in and out it was amazing viewing. So much more to see. Better views of Orion Nebula. Managed to see the whirlpool galaxy, Andromeda, Pleiades and many other objects with so much more detail. only downside was that I was starting to do a little star hopping to find our way around but there with so much more visible, I got lost. Plus side was it was another wow night. The best so far.
  6. The Beehive cluster definitely needs to be appreciated from pulling back on magnification. you have more light pulling power than our 8 inch dob so it will look even more amazing.
  7. Hi. I’m new to the hobby so no expert but as stated above it sounds like you have found the trapezium in the centre. if it helps at all when I started this voyage with my grandson I thought getting up close was the secret. For us it certainly isn’t now. Much better views and perspective are to be found using lower strength eyepieces. last night was clear here and spent the evening looking at Orion, the beehive cluster to name a couple on a 20 and 26mm lens. maybe as time moves on we will get more orientated and observe things in more detail but at the moment it’s really interesting ju
  8. Thank you all for input on this. Plenty of food for thought.
  9. Steel tube on the dob. not sure what system apple use for the compass. They do use the inbuilt inclinometer and I believe Gps but anything else I’m not sure. I’m new to the hobby and just wondered if it was to feasible to use this method to find objects.
  10. Not using any at the moment due to not being able to get hold of the adapter for the focuser. ive been given a 2 inch 45mm long adapter but I’m going to have to add a sleeve to the end to get it to fit in the focuser. The focuser itself is wider. The adapter for the 1.25 eyepieces is 56.8 mm in diameter and that fits the focuser.
  11. Hi. Forgive me if this is a silly question. I have a 200p dob (old one). It seems to require an adapter to take 2inch eyepieces. I’ve read in different threads that some need this adapter others the eyepiece drops straight in. if that is wrong I apologise but do you know if two inch eyepieces drop straight into this one. I maybe interested if so. Thanks.
  12. I was going to print off a setting circle to put on the base of 200p dob. mainly so the grandson can understand more about findings things in the night sky. ive use a digital inclinometer with magnetic base on the tube to get the angles what I was pondering on is, is it possible to just use the iPhone compass set to true north and lay that flat on the base of the dob pointing forward or is there something I’m missing.
  13. No worries. Thanks for looking though. Appreciated.
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