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  1. Hi yes I chose those stars due to some obstructions, I'm trying again tonight so I'll use the stars the handset recommends if they can be seen. I do park the scope after each session when I power it back it up it asks to start from park position I have been selecting yes.
  2. i have it set with the mount weight facing down the north leg before i power it on, im using a 12v power supply with 5Amp output and no i havent checked cone error
  3. Ok so this might be a bit long. I've had this mount for a while now and i constantly have trouble getting it to go where i tell it to hoping someone might have any idea what to do. Whenever i tell it to go to an object it is always too low down and when doing star alignment it doesn't go close to the star i've selected, for example last night i went out i made sure it was level and balanced set it to home position, i polar aligned using sharpcap and double checked it using a polar finder app, i entered my cooridinates and set the time and set time zone to +00:00 because im in
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