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  1. Hi Dave, welcome, look forward to sharing the Southern Sky with you.
  2. It's good stuff, just look out for that cellophane layer. Didn't realise it was on there until after I had made and taped up a nice cardboard frame.
  3. Fantastic project. My wife just looked over my shoulder and gave me the 'no!' look. So I shall just watch in envy as yours comes along.
  4. Hi Steve, welcome. Glad you got some views of Venus. Saturn is my favourite and always an 'easy reward' for the beginning of a session. It's a winner with the wife and kids too, they don't seem to appreciate DSOs much, but Saturn, to them that's a proper celestial object! (these are the same children who confidently affirm that the Sun can't possibly be a star as it doesn't have 5 points).
  5. Welcome, look forward to seeing some more work from the dark skies of the SW appearing here over time. Jem.
  6. SkyHermit

    Hi Guys n Gals

    Hi Ed, welcome, lots to read all around this forum, so enjoy and discover lots.
  7. There is obviously an art to really appreciating these images. I'm afraid my expertise parallels my ability in wine-tasting. I drink it and think, mmmh I like that. So M101, mmmh thanks I like that!
  8. Wow, you're going to have fun.....although I guess with all that gear it means very heavy cloud at the weekend. But setting new stuff up and twiddling is fun anyway
  9. Was one of my first Messiers. Found it with my 130. Was hoping to see it the other night but the moon was washing everything out. I think it's my favourite so far.
  10. First time for me was 2007. Sure I must have seen it before but it was only three years ago that I realised what I was looking at, so I guess anything before that hardly counts.
  11. SkyHermit

    Newbie Alert

    Hi Munkie, welcome. Only been here a few days myself.
  12. Love the image, enjoyed having a look at the website too, liked the 2009 version of M51. Thanks for sharing your work. Maybe one day I'll get to use the tutorials.
  13. Love that image, and I agree with Breakinthclouds the spiral is great too.
  14. Hi from me. Oh, and thanks Talitha for the tip about seeing the crosshairs in the dark. My first scope has a red dot, so I was trying to get to grips with black crosshairs the other night and gave up in the end.
  15. That's amazing, great work! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Great job, look forward to the next installment.
  17. Fab pic, I like that! Have to admit I didn't know what it was until I looked it up, now I'm even more impressed (even if it is on it's head)
  18. Sounds like you had a great time. Is Turf Hill going to be a regular, because that's not that far from me and I'd love to come and join you some time. let me know when your next out. My neighbour has mounted solar powered lights on every fence post in his garden, you can probably almost see them from Turf Hill Jem.
  19. SkyHermit

    Hello all!

    Hi Gary, welcome
  20. Hi from the other end of the Country!!!
  21. SkyHermit


    Hi welcome, the more the merrier.
  22. Never really occurred to me that they could come down still alight. Get one float by every now and then. Think I need a fire exstinguisher in my beloved garden palace
  23. It was clear down here in the New Forest so I set my scope up and now the clouds are drifting in grrrr!
  24. SkyHermit


    Hi Andrew, welcome!!
  25. Hi all. Found my way here from Astro_Baby's site. Bought an HEQ5 mount, to put an LXD55 8" SN on and was completely baffled by the instruction manual when it came to checking it was calibrated properly for polar alignment. After several hours of frustration and trying to remain patient with curious kids I reached for my laptop to search for help. Astro-Baby to the rescue, hurrah, all sorted in minutes. So finding her all wise, how could I resist the advice to head for S/Lounge Looking forward to Saturday night when we are forecast clear skies down here on the South Coast.
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