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  1. Nadeem, great shot, love the detail. Riklaunim, you are a fool, I was busy looking at that 'nebulosity' for real, some of us are easily had
  2. I don't know how you did that, but i love it. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
  3. Fantastic shot, love the nebulosity, but also a level of detail that gives real depth right across. That's far from boring.
  4. Fab image, I can see you're going to enjoy you new toy, and so are we!
  5. Great pictures, love the flare in the last one.
  6. Great images Neil. Haven't had chance to see the real thing yet this year, but this gives me a great appetite.
  7. Great pics, especially love the detail on the F15 & 10 captures.
  8. Great images, thanks. Have yet to get my first good look at Jupiter this year. Hoping for a good clear night next new moon.
  9. Hi Jason, welcome, I agree it's a great forum, also a great place to come when it's too cloudy to be outside!
  10. SkyHermit


    Hi Keith, well sounds like you deserve a bit of respite, enjoy the summer skies and welcome back.
  11. Hi and welcome, and wishing you many more great observing nights. I recently hooked up with some other local observers for the first time and had the best night ever, so have a look in events threads and see if you can find one near you.
  12. SkyHermit


    Hi Bigbear, glad you're enjoying the planets. Have a look in the section here for planetary images, some great pics to envy.
  13. Hi Dave, I have the same scope so will be interested to see what images you get through it.
  14. Hi Nick, welcome. When you get some images make sure you post them. I know there's some experts round here (who will give you a helpful critique) and there are those of us who have never connected up a camera who will be jealous that you've managed it. Enjoy the forum.
  15. Hi over there in Germany, havejust come in to my shed to mourn our loss to germany in the football. Hope the cheering isn't to loud in Munster
  16. Hi and welcome from the next door but one, Hampshire.
  17. SkyHermit

    Hi All

    Hi and welcome, and by the way some of us are only 50 at heart but physically still much younger :-)
  18. SkyHermit

    Hello All!

    Hi Photonboy, shame about the light pollution, but I guess if you can get down here to the south occasionally you should get some good view (New Forest is only an hour or so). Welcome to the forum.
  19. Hi Gary, welcome. And when you get your scope make sure you join up with some other stargazers near you, it's double the fun.
  20. SkyHermit

    London Calling

    Hi welcome to the forum. Jupiters getting higher each day, so not long now. Next new moon should give some good opportunities.
  21. SkyHermit

    Hello All!

    Hi Welcome to the forum, lots to see and learn here.
  22. Hi Simon, just over the water in Lymington so we share the same bit of Sky, bet it's darker where you are though. Welcome to the forum. SH
  23. SkyHermit


    Hi Si, welcome from me too. Only been here a few weeks myself, but there's loads to see and read. Enjoy.
  24. Thanks for posting, a great uncomplicated shot, just the kind I hope to do one day. Ta for sharing.
  25. Great image, I think you've got some good definition there. I don't understand all the comments about processing, hope it'll make sense the more I read, but love the pic anyway.
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