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  1. So a little update on my journey back into the hobby I purchased the 12mm and 8mm starguider eyepieces together last week so I can't wait to try them out I did manage to look at betelgeuse I did notice something strange when I was going in and out of focus on the star I will add a picture at the bottom you can see it isn't a complete full circle is it supposed to be like that or am I dotit lol I managed to get a video but I don't know if I can add videos
  2. I totally agree the feeling is overwhelming and in that moment you think wooow and you just can't keep your eyes off the eyepiece even looking at stars through a telescope is amazing and when you see others having the same reaction to which you felt just makes you tear up as your standing on earth an are able to see planets that's in outer space with your own planet absolutely amazing
  3. Firstly I do not drive so getting someone to take me there for that length of time taking time out of their day is a big deal for me if I didn't I would have missed out on an amazing deal so I'm sorry it doesn't seem like a big deal to you but it was to me
  4. Hi and thanks for the advice last night I managed to get a good glimpse of the moon even chapped my neighbours door and invited him in to have a look and he said that's it am biting with the bug now I have to go get myself one n I mentioned first light optics to him so he's going to have a browse Today. The eyepieces that came with the scope are alright and will help me get used to the scope before upgrading them I'm going to look out for groups near me but I've noticed there's isn't many people up my way interested in astronomy hopefully if up traveling around my area with my scope I can
  5. Thank you, that's why I grabbed it at 300 I thought yup am snatching that up lol the night before I had missed out on a Skywatcher 200p on a eq5 mount for £150 with filters and loads of eyepieces but I always wanted a dobsonian especially for my son to use aswell Keep an eye out on Facebook market place that's where I found this beaut
  6. Hey thanks for your reply I will have a read at it with a cuppa later on
  7. Hi thanks for your reply it wasn't half a bargain before the shipping prices went up I had my eye on this exact scope and the day I was about to put the money in the bank to buy it off first light optics I noticed the price has shot up I nearly hit the deck and was gutted then came across this one yesterday and I quickly messaged the guy my adrenaline was going like mad lol but I had to get it. Right now my budget is 50 which is right on the mark for the eyepiece you recommend I'm willing to collect them up rather than all at once I just ordered the Cheshire collimator for it as the guy s
  8. Thank you, yeah they are lifetime scopes sorry you had to let yours go hopefully I will have this beaut till the day I die lol, like me I neglected this side of the hobby not learning much about the eyepieces I tried watching some vides on YouTube but with them explaining the Focal lengts and all the adding and subtracting was making me all confused I'm 31 and have Dyscalculia and when I can't figure out simple things like this it's frustrating and I feel stupid but we all have our imperfections lol
  9. Hey everyone I'm new to all this again and I luckily came across someone from Edinburgh selling a 10 inch dob for £300 only used 4 times and I jumped at that price took 3 hours to get there and back but it was worth the trip lol. her new names big Betty I'm looking for help on what eyepieces are best suited to these telescope because it's alot bigger than my first one when I was younger and it's mighty powerful lol my son is into Jupiter and Saturn has anyone any ideas on what filters to get aswell thanks for taking the time in reading this book lol clear skies everyone I've added a wee pict
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