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  1. They're both mass-manufactured dobs, so I don't believe there will be much difference in the optics. AFAIK Meade source the LB mirrors from GSO, while Synta make all the Skywatcher ones (unsurprisingly ...). The SW is a bit faster at f/4.7 (the LB is f/5). If it was me, I'd probably go with the SW because it's slightly cheaper, and I really like the flextube design.
  2. http://scopecalc.grid-itc.com I cobbled this together a couple of weeks ago, and have been populating it with data since. There are currently over 1400 eyepieces and over 400 scopes in the database. You can also add your scope manually if it isn't listed. I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestions, more data, or if you think it sucks, tell me why! Thanks, - Andrew
  3. SkyWatcher Heritage 130P You don't get much more grab'n'go - it's a flextube so it collapses into a space about a foot square. 600mm focal length at f5 will be good for wide fields, although with higher power EPs it will be good for up to 260x. It has a proper parabolic primary, and it's sub £130, which gives you plenty of budget left over for EPs, filters and suchlike. Downsides? The helical focuser is a bit poor. You will need to put it on a table.
  4. Does anybody know of a formula to estimate the eye relief when a barlow is being used? I know the eye relief gets longer, and by how much will depend on the strength of the barlow, the focal length of the eyepiece and of course the original eye relief value. Also, I would guess that the design of the eyepiece may affect the final value, so I'm only really interested in getting a reasonable estimation of what the final value would be. Thanks in advance, - Andrew
  5. Never seen one, never looked through one, but I've only ever heard good things. Very very good things. The 22" ultra portable looks fantastic ...
  6. ajg


    Thanks for the warm welcome! @barkis, I've only had the LB for about a year. My first scope was a no-name alt-az refractor my dad bought me when I was a kid (how many of us started there ... ?). Was rusted to hell when I dug it out of the shed ...teen years later. Only fit for the bin unfortunately. I then picked up something that most people would swear blind was an older model Vixen 6" newt. White OTA with lime green hammered finish on the mount & rings. Wasn't a vixen though. Must've been some weird clone. Wanted to add an RA drive to it, but couldn't get any parts to match. Got rid of that for a Seben 8". Spherical. I will say no more about that disaster. Then I picked up the LB 2nd hand, but in as-new condition. Only one complaint - it weighs a ton! @James, IMO you're doing the right thing taking in as much information as you can. Astronomy is a pastime where an uninformed decision can lead to so much disappointment. I was just blumming-minded enough to persevere!
  7. Hi Stu, PLease give my calculator a go ... Telescope Eyepiece ComparatorES100 20mm gives 0.50° Ethos 21mm gives 0.52° Nagler 5 31mm gives 0.64° Panoptic 41mm gives 0.70° Meade 4000 56mm Super Plossl gives 0.73° Not too shabby for such a long focal length scope.
  8. I bought one of these for my father sometime around July last year. I wasn't expecting much given the price, but I was pleasantly surprised! Didn't like the helical focuser - there was some slop in the one I had which I cured with a couple of wraps of PTFE tape, and the single vane spider concerned me, but in spite of this, I got it collimated well enough. The views were lovely for such an inexpensive scope, and it collapses down to almost no space at all! I would agree that the focuser is poor, but once again, I measure this against the price, and it still comes out good in my book. For any beginner looking for a cheap way into astronomy, I wouldn't have a problem recommending this scope as a great starting point. - Andrew
  9. ajg


    Hello everybody! I was pointed in the direction of this forum by a Facebook friend. I've rediscovered skywatching again over the last few years, and been through a fair bit of kit, some good, some ... not so good (need to do proper research before putting money down - burned hand teaches best & all ...) I'm currently with a 16" Lightbridge. - Andrew
  10. ajg

    Hi from Doncaster UK

    Hi Steve, There's a local astronomical society at donastro.org.uk Might be worth dropping them a line - I've never been over there myself, but I'm sure they'd let you have a look around some of their gear. - Andrew
  11. Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society
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