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  1. Dropped a pair of 20x80 binos in which had been clobbered out of collimation. Ian couldn't promise anything as they were a budget set, but he'd do his best to re-align them. I received an email from Adam yesterday advising me they were done, and inviting me to come and try them. An excellent job. At least as good, possibly better than they were when they were new. Fantastic service. Very happy indeed.
  2. Ordered a set of 100mm guidescope rings from Bernard at Modern Astronomy on the advice of Dion over at astronomyshed.co.uk. Fast delivery, and an excellent product at a very fair price. Really pleased.
  3. They pulled the auction! Looked a good size case to keep an ST80 + guide camera snug too!
  4. Can't comment on any direct knowledge, but those thumbscrews are very distinctive. I don't know if it'll be of any use to you, but Alan at SkysTheLimit does an 80mm extension quite a bit cheaper than those. This one also has a brass compression ring so it won't mark your barrels.
  5. Here's my review of the Antares version. It's identical other than the branding.
  6. Proton decay Only theoretical, and depends on the LHC finding the Higgs Boson - if it doesn't, we have to chuck a fair bit of the standard model of particle physics out and go back to the drawing board, although I don't pretend to understand this to any depth ...
  7. Hello and welcome. I missed the beginners evening, bit I was there for the observing evening a few days before it. You missed a treat there - we had some fairly favourable skies even though the full moon was washing most of the deep sky stuff out. We had many an oooh and ahh when Saturn graced us with it's presence later on.
  8. Wanted to order the 25, 15 and 8mm BST Explorers and a 2" 80mm extension tube. Contacted Alan who advised me the 8mm was out of stock right now, so I asked to purchase the rest. Alan sent me a Paypal invoice through, and goods were delivered next day with a small helping of mini easter eggs which make me smile Excellent service and I'll be happy to order the 8mm BST from Alan when they're back in stock.
  9. Really quite impressed with this. Collected from RVO this morning. The twistlock is self-centreing, and grips the eyepiece yery tightly - there's no danger of it falling out. It's well constructed and cleverly designed - no recessed barrel to interfere with compression rings - threaded for 2" filters and if you unscrew the twistlock completely, it reveals a T-thread for a camera adapter. 2inch -1.25inch Twist lock adaptor with T ring | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics A very versatile piece of kit.
  10. 42mm GSO (Revelation) Superview will give you 1.344° with a 65° AFoV for not a lot of money ... if you can find one.
  11. Didn't they used to be sold as "Paradigm" or something? They had quite a good reputation for the money. I might pick up a few of those myself ...
  12. Data's a bit thin on the ground for anything which isn't in Meade's current product set. Some Google-fu dug up a little information on a few missing ones - I suspect there are many more. The LXD55 SN-10 is amongst them, although the LXD75 SN-10 is the same spec as far as aperture and focal length go. The zoom eyepieces are at the bottom of the eyepiece list. It calculates as much as it can, subject to the source data being available - once again, some of the information is a bit thin on the ground, so I make the best I can with what I have ...
  13. For the scope, yes, but once you've got a guide scope, imaging gear and all the other paraphernalia, it might be pushing an EQ5. I plugged the 20mm ES 100 (~1Kg!) into the 50mm extension tube, and dropped the focuser out as far as it would go. There was a small amount of flex in the focuser, but that's a pretty extreme load. I'm planning to get a paracorr with the tunable top as I'll be able to use that with the Flextube as well as this. The Altair one looks like a steal at under £100, but there's no tunable top and I want to use it for visual as well. I think for photographic only, it would do fine.
  14. Sounds good! Other than polar alignment of the mount, things should be pretty similar to your Mak ... assuming it's on the Celestron single-arm Alt-Az goto.
  15. Love to help, but mine hasn't seen first light yet as I don't have a mount for it! I'm planning on an EQ6 - it's well within the limits for it. The focuser is a GSO affair (10:1 dual speed crayford), very similar to the one on my old 16" lightbridge - I never had a problem with that. I can't feel any flex in the focuser on mine. I think some people may be a little spoiled with their moonlites and feathertouches. The other reported problem was with the primary holding collimation, similar to the early lightbridges where the springs were'nt strong enough. Can't say either way on this one, but upgrading 3 springs isn't a big problem IMO.
  16. Unfortunately, the problem was down to my ineptitude ... Can't blame transient conditions for my own shortcomings! Glad you like it! I've added the Panaviews.
  17. Spherical primary. Totally inadequate mount. They suck like a supermassive black hole on a feeding frenzy.
  18. I had the 3.5 mm, but it was too strong for the scope (LB16) to use sensibly. Didn't have quite enough back-focus travel so I always had to use it in the 1.25"-2" adapter to bring it out a little further. When the seeing was up to it (ie. not very often), it was a nice eyepiece. I have the Mk.III zoom now, and that is also a good piece of kit. Well put together and decent optics.
  19. The helical focuser on the 130P can be easily fixed up with some PTFE tape to get rid of the slop. A rack-and-pinion would still be better. The Orion seems to be a fixed tube, so it won't collapse like the 130P. Still very portable. I can't see the spider on the Orion, but I suspect it's secondary mounting arrangement is better than the 130P - best to ask the dealer about secondary collimation with the Orion (it's not good on the 130P - single vane spider, and it's about 4mm thick ...)
  20. My telescope eyepiece calculator site has been very sluggish for the past couple of days. I cured it this morning, so apologies to anyone who's been trying to use it and having to wait forever for the page to refresh. Telescope Eyepiece Calculator
  21. Tried using MicroSky on my Nokia E71 (Symbian). Not impressed. Requires the data connection to be alive - kinda tricky when you're out in the middle of nowhere.
  22. I'd heard that as well. I can't see them killing the Radian as it's a favourite with eyeglass wearers because of the long eye relief - they're all parfocal too which is a bonus. The Pans are arguable - the 41mm only has a 0.1° advantage over the 31mm T5 Nagler (on my SW 300P). That's not a lot, and coupled with the T6 Nagler going to far shorter focal lengths than the Pan, maybe they will drop them to reduce their inventory.
  23. Hmmm ... Seben of the spherical primaries ... IMO avoid.
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