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  1. First time I saw the moon i had Pink Floyd playing in the background, so got the best of both.
  2. I agree a planisphere is a must have tool and the time it takes to master one ( which is not that long) will prove invaluable. Like it was mentioned before , the sphere does not require batteries and will not let you down. It is not meant to replace a detailed star chart, but it is helpful in getting you familiar with the night sky at different times of the year, until you master the constellations and can distinguish them at a glance. The planisphere can also be used to track where the planets are supposed to be in the sky, most of the good ones will have a set of time codes on the back (
  3. I had my mount in for servicing for 4 weeks ( remember when we had those 3 nice weeks of absolutely clear weather). got it back around a couple of weeks ago and it has been miserable ever since.
  4. I hope that you sell it as a set. But at the same time I have my fingers crossed
  5. postcode is HA5 , i've just about given up on observing any galaxies or nebulae from my area. sky is a dull grey from all the light pollution over here, you can literally see the sky glow at night as if someone is projecting a movie on it
  6. After a few nights of searching I managed to locate m13. That is when I realised that I need to move to the middle of nowhere. In my se8 it was barely discernable, so I quickly realised that any dso above 6mag are not accessible to me where I live.
  7. Hi , if it doesn't sell and you are willing to split. I am after the tripod as one of the legs is busted on mine and could do with a replacement.
  8. Thanks for the input. Will invest in an F/r and see how that goes.
  9. Hi all I have an 8 inch sct. I'm trying to get the pleiades in the whole field of view. Was wondering which would be the best way to go about it? Get a wide field eyepiece like a 32 or 40 with an 85% fov or get a reducer. Or combination of both?
  10. Quick update for everyone, Spoke to Tring Astro again who advised the issue is to do with celestron. They are in process of centralising their repair network , so they are limiting parts and licences to a limited number of authorised dealers in order to keep a tight control on quality. Tring advised that they should be able to start servicing these in a couple of months.
  11. The reason it needs a service is that the mount is jamming at the lower speeds an as a result its throwing the whole goto out of alignment. It starts out fine and quite precise, but after trying to use the low speeds , it will jam and go out of alignment. I inherited it from a relative , i estimate that its 10+ years old and doubt that it ever has been opened and had a good clean and re-grease. For example half way through a session, i try to point to the orion nebula and it will go way off and point in the general direction of M45 or some other part of the sky.
  12. Hi I have a Celestron 8se ( 1st Gen model - The HC is permanently connected to the mount and doesn't come off). Anyone know of someone in or around London who is able to service these ( clearing , re-grease, check goto accuracy, etc). Already tried Tring Astro, and they dont service these.
  13. Im Diabetic , so could you let me know if the tin of beans is sugar free?
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