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  1. The guy who measured the secondary has the 250 (it's not the same user). But I saw the other links, maybe it's changed (his pds few years old). one question - I can see the benefits of a bigger secondary for imaging. Is it better for visual use as well?
  2. Are you sure it's 63mm? I asked this on a previous thread and that's what I got
  3. I wonder what it means when everyone are mentioning the oversized secondaries of the pds line. If you take the 250pds for example, the secondary is said to be oversized, but at 58mm it's the exact same size as the regular 250p dobsonian's secondary
  4. I have the Skywatcher 10" flextube goto with the regular focuser which I upgraded with a little motor of this kind for camera use (EAA basically) when I want to use it manually (for visual observations) I just need to loosen the little Allen screw that hold it: Now I ordered the Skywatcher dual speed focuser and plan to install it the same way. my question is, can I loosen the motor for visual use in the same easy way? I see holes at the bottom, but not sure if they are located at the right spot:
  5. Thanks! if that's an oversized secondary what the size of the classic dobsonian's secondary??
  6. do you happen to know how big is the secondary? Vendor doesn't have this info at the moment..
  7. Hey all, I'm considering the 250PDS. The main use is visual, and the second is EAA (I currently use a zwo183mm). What I'm hesitant about is the primary focus. since It's mostly for visual, I'm wondering on how much back focus it has compared to the standard Skywatcher 10" dobsonians? with the standard dobsonias with the same optics and focuser you already need an extension tube for most eyepieces... Also, there's probably a "bigger" obstruction (bigger shadow on primary)?
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