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  1. I was wondering about the rotation issue....is it not feasible just to have two extra tube rings fitted to the tube (but not to the mounting plate) - top and bottom to just limit the scope's ability to slide up and down. That way the actual mounting rings can be loosened as much as you like to "free" the scope so you can rotate it and then re-tightened? New to this, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Ta Sat
  2. BTW I spoke to OOUK - the CT12 does indeed weight 22kg - that's because the tube (even though carbon fibre) is 3mm thick. I think I'm heading towards ordering a CT12 on an EQ6R mount - only downside is I have to wait until April for delivery (with any scope).
  3. Thank you RL - that's really useful and it was very considerate of you to go into great details. Yes I think the 22 kg number doesn't make sense on the CT12. I've asked OO directly via email. I think since the 12 inch is more manageable I'm leaning towards the CT12 - but I seem to keep changing my mind on an hourly basis. They are expensive but I'm happier to support a UK company especially for the better optics. I'm unlikely to chop and change my telescopes so I am really hoping it's a scope for life....or at least until I get a 20" Thanks again Sat
  4. Hello guys, I've just moved to a rural location and have finally got the space and dark (ish) skies to make a telescope worthwhile. I think I've narrowed my choice down to a VX14 1/10. But I notice that Orion Optics market their CT range as their best optics. So I could drop down in size and afford the CT12 instead. Does anyone know why the CT range is "better" and whether I'm better of sticking to the larger mirror? The priority is DSO but I'm also keen on planets. I'd be getting the scope on an EQ6 mount; one thing that does confuse me is that the CT12 tube w
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