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  1. Thanks for that really useful info on the... "Meade ETX 125" (ooops). The tube external diameter is 148mm and like you I cannot source rings that will fit exactly. I am going to try fitting the scope directly to the Dovetail bar, failing that I'll try some 155mm rings (Skywatcher make these - according to Rothervalleyoptics) and failing that, it's large jubilee clips with some felt
  2. Hi all, Yes I did mean a Meade ETX125 - D'oh! Thank you for the advice and I will try out the rings and additional dovetail bar.
  3. Hello all, I am returning to Astronomy, after a good while away, and I'm choosing a new scope (not the subject of THIS question) and in doing that I think I have decided on a Sky Watchers HEDQ5 Goto Mount (for completeness the scope likely to be either a 150PDS or 200PDS from Sky Watchers) HOWEVER, the question here is: would it be possible to also mount a Celestron ETX 125 scope ( I have one of these already, with a very dead mount) onto this new mount. I have noticed two threaded mounting holes - on what looks like a plate - under the ETX and wonder how I could use it. My th
  4. Hi all, I am returning to astronomy after many years out and I THINK I've chosen my new scope. A Sky Watcher 200 PDS with HEQ5 GOTO mount. My primary viewing will be to bring astronomy to my young family - so using a mix of AP and laptop visualisation of the image. I do have an old Celestron ETX125 with a very broken (read dead) mount and one thing I would like to do is mount this scope to the new mount. Does anyone have a description (and equipment list) of what I will need to make this happen - and is it wort the cost. I see it as a more portable scope (camping
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