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  1. Hey all! Thanks so much for all of the responses! I agree with all of you that I am aware that the possibilities of astrophotography are pretty limited with what I have. However I also agree with you guys that I should further explore what I can do with what I have before getting more gear, as by taking lots of exposure and stacking, and things I should get better results. Thanks again for all the reply's!
  2. Hey all! I am new to forum, and I have a question surrounding my gear and astrophotography. I am using a nikon d5000 along with a tamron 70-300mm telephoto lens, and am attempting to photograph deep sky objects by taking a lot of exposures and stacking them in deep sky stacker. Being that Nikon d5000 is a pretty old camera, and has very limitted ISO range, I am having trouble capturing deep sky objects. I can capture them well at about an 8 second expsure (at full ISO of 6400 and opening up the aperture) however at this point star trails become visible whenever I am closer than about 150
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