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  1. Just had a look issue 2 is £6.99 plus £0.99 p and p call it £8 and there are 52 issues which is over £400 I just do not understand why anyone buys these type of magazines but each to their own.
  2. Looking great well done.......it did take me a few goes to be able to see a complete set of letters and numbers to reset my password!!!!
  3. As a long time Linux user I hope the site takes off. Tutorials on using Gimp for image work would be great.
  4. Mine looked like that about an hour ago it is now wall to wall cloud.
  5. What are you going to use the anti static bag for? From my pc building days it is not recomended to use them to put sentitive kit onto they only give protection when in the bag. Good luck.
  6. Well as usual it does not matter now anyway...........scope cool laptop on new webcam and adapter into scope only Mars really to aim at which I knew was going to be very tough with my Dob but I just want to see if it works see Mars on screen..........................and then it all goes cloudy :D
  7. My Scope is cooling as I type, and I then thought do most people take their eye peices out at the same time to cool as well?
  8. Hi Matthew Welcome to SGL Gareth
  9. John Have you seen this http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,18213.0.html Hope it is of some help Gareth
  10. Dangermouse

    Hi from USA

    Hi Alan Welcome to SGL Gareth
  11. Hi Alex Welcome to SGL Gareth
  12. Hi Will Welcome to SGL I am also from the South West Gareth
  13. Not that I looked into making a scope myself......... http://www.usno.navy.mil/8inchdob.shtml http://www.lymax.com/cosmicone/4inchdob/index.shtml http://www.irpoyser.co.uk/makingtelescopes.php http://www.funsci.com/fun3_en/tele/tele.htm http://www.galvoptics.fsnet.co.uk/telescope.htm http://members.aol.com/sfsidewalk/intro.htm http://www.starastronomy.org/TelescopeMaking/Links/index.html http://home.thezone.net/~dbourgeo/feb/feb-2001-talk.html http://www.olle-eriksson.com/Default.aspx?page=Article&id=115 http://jhpw.phys.ntu.edu.tw/html/atm.html http://stellafane.org/ http://www.newportgla
  14. The Feb isue of S@N has part 1 of how to build a telescope which probably will not go into mirror grinding but may help in other areas.
  15. As someone who has only ever posted 1 afocal moon picture I think I count as a beginner. I voted no for the following reasons. I think this site already has enough sections and one of the reasons for the low vote maybe to do with this, everybody has their favotite sections to look at and may have missed this thread. I enjoy looking at all pictures to compare what is possible with different equipment and would look at both sections anyway. I am sure it would not happen here but there is a risk that the beginners would get less help from the experienced as the experienced people may not vist bot
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