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  1. While looking at it yesterday, I was experimenting with what can come off. The red-lined part you referenced does indeed pop right out. It's sorta like a little cap, almost. I wouldn't have considered it an adapter, but, in hindsight, that makes perfect sense.
  2. Last bit of info I know to post (other than measuring when I get my measuring tape) hope this helps further... Thank you ALL!
  3. What's pictured is all I have. No lenses (eye pieces?) came with.
  4. This is from the box it came in. No other info included. Hope this helps more...
  5. Thank you ALL! Here are a few pics of the telescope. I suppose I should have thought about including photos in my initial post! It's like, "Mr. Mechanic, I know we are on the phone, but my car, don't know the make or model, is making a weird noise! What's wrong with it??" I briefly skimmed the newer comments posted, but I am going to go back and give them the attention they deserve right now. Again, I truly appreciate each of you taking the time to help/encourage me! -Larry
  6. Greetings All! Very Short Explanation: I'm disabled (43) and desperately trying to find ways to still bond/spend time with my youngest son (13). My son expressed an interest, about two months ago, in Astronomy after watching a few YouTube videos on the subject (specifically, the moon and our neighboring planets). He asked if one day we could get a telescope. I was somewhat surprised when, over the course of the following days/weeks, he didn't forget about his request or shift his attention to other, "more 13 year old pressing matters." In fact, he became increasingly MORE exci
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