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  1. Thank you. Just brought the rig back indoors after 40x 120 min Orion Nebula. Decided to try to get a better result than last time when I made loads of errors like not makign sure the camera battery was fully charged! LOL Now for the stacking and processing! Good luck with WHN
  2. Cool, I saw them nightly (and morningly) when I was in Iceland. Very hypnotic
  3. Hi. It's clear tonight where I am and should be for the next few hours. I was wondering what you might advise as a nice target for someone with a star adventurer and DSLR with 200mm lens? A while ago I was able to get a half decent image of Orion Nebula, it could be greatly improved on and it's visible tonight so that's one option. Another option is the 7 Sisters, also really obvious in the sky tonight, but not that interesting from an aesthetic perspective perhaps. I'd love to have a go at Andromeda but even with sky map and stellarium I can't seem to spot it. Any oth
  4. Hi. I am trying to take some flats indoors with my Nikon DSLR, white t-shirt stretched tight over top of lens, pointed point blank range at an artists light panel which has 3 different light brightnesses and they all produce pretty much the same image. My settings are the same as my lights (except for shutter time which for my flats I have at auto). ISO 1600 AWB on Shooting mode = A Img format = RAW (sRGB) F 200mm @ f 5.6 Problem is, most flats I have seen online are a pinkish colour (not grey) and the histogram (I have been told) should be abouit 1/3 fro
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