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  1. It comes now with a goto Skywatcher az mount, so you get a full planetary setup for less than £800
  2. Ironus


    Welcome Andrzej, and hopefully I will meet you in person soon to give you the Mewlon 300
  3. It was 8999 Initially, not sure what happened with 8000 or 7999 Anyway now I have done the very final reduction, £7745. If nobody wants it I will keep it
  4. Selling my skywatcher 400p flexitube Goto, it has some upgrades such a secondary heater, the interior has been flocked, and there is a special black cilinder to protect it from light filtering to maintain maximum contrast. Wheels with brakes have been added an The mirror is in great Conditions and performs superbly. In South London,it fits easily in a medium/big car when disassembled. Rrp £2999, selling for £1745 Can deliver nearby.
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