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  1. Hello I'd love to add something technical to this thread, which sounds very complicated. Instead I will just say, the skymax 127 rocks Have fun
  2. Hello I just purchased a skymax 127 and this scope is awesome, I've only had clear nights from where I am on two occasions since purchasing the scope but jesus wept, so worth the wait. Thursday the 3rd & Friday the 4th (June 2010) we had perfect nights, I already had the 32mm plossl loaded and went to have a look at some stars, I am in a 2nd floor flat with balcony pointing slightly south east but not much, and at about 12:30 on both nights I noticed this glowing thing right in the middle of my viewpoint, aimed the scope at it & wow! It looked like some kind of twisty turny balls of light that were changing through different hues in the red/blue spectrum it reminded me of an atom. I looked it up on my ipod using distant suns 2 & it said I was looking at the Galactic Centre, not sure if this is the thing I was looking at but it was an awesome sight. Easy tracking as well take no notice of you have to point it north etc, etc, if you just wanna look at stars (after leveling & aligning the finder scope (mine also needed a bit of a business card under the adjustment screws)), you just power the think up and after some kind of warning about the sun you can enter all your details but there is even no need for this step (apart from the sun warning), you can just use the up, down, left & right controls on the handset and go where you want to (I assume that this is the same for both scopes, cause the mount is the same), & tracking stuff is well easy once you get used to the controls. I tracked this spinny whirling thing for about an hour over both nights and on the second night (Friday), I showed my misses and she was well impressed, sweet. Haven't tried out the Goto bit yet & don't intend to until I've learnt a few bits myself using a starmap (well Stellararium, Distant Suns 2 & Starry Night Pro Plus), and a planisphere. Oh and be prepared to spend some money, sorry did I say that, I have spent about 550 so far and my budget was £250, scary but well worth it. So grab a 127 AZ Goto, top scope and remember that your budget will go out the windows as soon as you buy a Goto scope, you will need a power tank, dew shield some higher mm lenses for DSOs etc etc. Did I mention the extra's. Hope that helps. Clear Skys are sweet, may be we could all chip in like a fiver each and buy a massive blower to blow them all away! Shane
  3. Cool, thanks guys certainly looking forward to some top views, still dodgy skys here though, but i've now ordered a skywatcher powertank, and some plossls (10 & 26) from FLO along with a dew shield and a 45 degree thingy so I can look at the local wildlife ;-) And grabbed a case from amazon to put the EPs and stuff in. Very pleased with the scope thanks again for all the advice, it's amazing this thing is awesome, when you look down the end you can see all the small hairs on your face that are not visible with the naked eye (bad skys gotta keep amused somehow), and I'm sure my misses has shaved her face since looking into the abyss lol. Looking forward to seeing some real stars and stuff powertank will make me mobile I did buy this one from maplins (19.99, in sale) along with a car power adaptor (11.99, not in sale, (had to buy this as the 12v car adaptor that comes with this powertank has a negative tip, although it is the perfect size for the MAK 127, you would have to cut the wires & solder on some ball connectors so you could switch from - to +)). But, I got home and opened the powertank & it was filthy, all scrapes on the bottom, the light didn't work and for an extra £18 iv'e now got the proper one (Thanks again to Steve from FLO, nice fella with the patience of a saint . I know there's a difference on the 17A compared to 7A but I can live with that, as long as I get a few hours I'll be happy. Cheers Shane
  4. Hello I thought you guys would like an update so here it is, scope came Friday and although initially I thought I had been sent the wrong scope because the colour scheme is the black diamond type instead of the black line as shown in pictures of the AZ Goto and it came with a 2x barlow and a moon filter which are also not mentioned, anyway here's a picture. But it turns out that that's the way they are shipping now, and at this point I must say Steve from FLO was excellent thoughout the whole transaction. All in all I am very pleased with the scope and it is perfect for the flat, I haven't seen much yet apart from the trees over the road as the skys have been pretty bad since we purchased the scope, but it's easy to bypass the alignment, once you have put your current location, time zone and time it asks you if you would like to perform the alignment, just press 2 for no and you can then use the directional buttons on the controller to move the scope around and you don't have to bother with the Goto bit, which is pointless in the flat anyway, but I can't wait to try it out properly. Thanks again for the help guys. Shane
  5. Thanks Ollienttm that's very kind of you. But I have now need of it now I just bought my first telescope. I have gone for the skymax 127 Altaz Goto from FLO, with 32mm Plossl & moon filter. £399 all in. As Astro_baby said I can worry about the other stuff later. Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice. Most appreciated Cheers Shane
  6. Nice one guys thanks for your help. I just purchased the Skymax 127 on GOTO Thanks again ;-) Shane
  7. Ok thanks Brett & sn00p, is there any way you can get the distance between the feet to be about 2ft and if so how high would that take the top of the mount. Thanks for checking this for me I hope it hasn't messed up your alignment Cheers Shane
  8. Thanks yeti monster. Thats a good idea as I've just found out that any EQ Stand will be useless as I cannot see the NCP, so choice is now down to one. The 127 on Goto mount, or back to the drawing board. Although I do have a tripod (this does fit on the balcony but it's not very tall), for my video camera, or as you suggest I could just get the OTA and stick to on there some how, or get some really big binos (thanks step_hen), or I could just give up & take up knitting. Cheers Shane
  9. Hello Can anybody who has the AZ Goto mount let me know the floor area this mount takes up when the legs are fully extended? Thanks in advance Shane
  10. Hi guys Thanks very much for all your help and advice, I'm down to the final leg now, my choice is from the following: Evostar 120 - EQ3-2 Skymax 127 - EQ3-2 or GOTO (thanks robhal9000, it's good to know there is no need for a view of the North sky so I may go for the Goto if suitable after studying the manual. I have also contacted a couple of people with ads on astro buy & sell. So fingers crossed. And I have attached a spread sheet with all scopes & mounts under the £350 price range if anyone else is looking you might find it more useful to see all prices & specs in one place. I did it mainly to see how much is saved when buying scopes & mounts as a set compared to their seperate selling price, it's interesting to see that the 127 with Goto mount is the best deal. Scope & Mount Separate Cost Saving Cost Skymax 127 + EQ3-2 £380.00 £31.00 £349 Skymax 127 + Goto £414.00 £65.00 £349 Evostar 120 + EQ3-2 £380.00 £55.00 £325 Theres no macros in the file just a couple of formulas to work out stuff like F/Length & Max Power. Will keep you informed, thanks again . Any more info on the manual mode of the synscan Goto from a users perspective would be appreciated. Thanks everyone for all your help & advice Cheers Shane Scopes & Mounts.zip
  11. Sweet, Thanks guys I never considered the location of the eye piece, so with a Dob or a Newt I would be hanging of the balcony (thanks Astro_Baby, you probably saved my life (and I'm not joking, I can imagine getting so engrossed in watching stuff I'd forget where I was )). All advice much appreciated So far it sounds like I'd be better of with a small/meduim MAK, with a refractor of some description coming close second and that it would be better to leave out the electronics. Superb, this forum is awesome, thanks again guys. Any more advice more than welcome. Would be nice to get a view on some non-electronic mounts in relation to the 2ft x 4 ft space (AZ3, EQ2, EQ3-2), although I didn't realise you could use the Goto in manual mode, any chance of some more info on this? Nice one:headbang:
  12. Hi Bizbilder, I do like the look of the 150P, but can't see any legs on it, do you have to put it on a table? & robhal9000, thanks for the heads up on the 130 but I read that they have to be aligned to North and I'm afraid thats my Kitchen if I've got the scope on the balcony A Startravel sounds like it could be an option though, no cool down time sounds good. Keep 'em coming guys
  13. Mark, did you get some more pics of Saturn, will be nice to see them. Heres the picture of the moon that I took today with my mobile at about 16:00hrs it was massive in the sky today, can't wait to get a scope and have a look for myself, Saturn that is not the moon, although that will be good too, look forward to some more pics
  14. Hello everyone, I am after a grab and go scope, for around £250 inc all extras, and would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. I had my heart set on a Skymax 127 AZ Goto, but have since spoken to Steve from FLO and he informed me that I will also need a power pack, a 32mm lenses for wider field of view (which is what I'm interested in, as I love the view from my Binoculars), moon filter and a few other bits. Unfortunately this scope with all the bits is way over my budget, so Steve suggested that I make a post here and get some advice on the best scope for my situation. Thanks in advance here’s some info: Scope needs to be grab & go, but I will also be setting it up on my balcony, which is almost South facing and on the second floor (which also happens to be the top floor), and as mentioned above, I love the view from my binoculars (Opticron 10X40), but I would also like to be able to have a close up view, up to about 180x. It would be nice to have something that will pack up quickly and be easy to handle down two flights of stairs so I can just grab it and go when needed. Space on the balcony is limited to 2ft X 4ft. Also, as mentioned a wide field of view with fairly low magnification would be nice, something down to about 36x or so, but with the capability to go up to around 180/200x. Mount can be anything that's suitable, I'm not to bothered about the Goto part now, £250 should cover everything like, moon filters and any extra lenses etc (300 at a push), I would also like to be able to use the scope for terrestrial use (with the image the right way up), but this is a secondary requirement and if this is going to cause a problem then I'm willing to leave this bit. Any help would be appreciated as I'm going round in circles at the moment from Explorer 130 to Startravel 120 to Skymax 102 to Skyhawk 1145p amongst others, I then back again, I just want to look at some stars Thanks in advance, looking forward to some advice from you guys. Cheers Shane
  15. Thanks Mark Good luck for tonight, fingers crossed should be a brilliant evening for taking some snaps of Saturn, the moon is visable already and has been for a while and the last time I checked Saturn was just to the left in the south east, be nice if there was a button to turn the sun on and off. I took a pic with my phone lol
  16. OK thanks Moonshane I'll have a look Monday booked a hotel in windsor so should get some good views and I now have my planisphere and guide to the northern constellations, can't wait, just hope for a clear night Cheers Shane
  17. Hi Mark Cool pictures, is it possible you could post magnification used to capture these? Thanks Shane
  18. Nice one Armsoft, nice picture, did you use the 4se or the 6se?
  19. Hi Paul I've gotta to start looking at stuff other than the moon sooner or later ;-) But I've gotta find them first, waiting for my Planisphere, hopefully be here by Friday but I've also got stellararim so I'll see if can find M42 & M45, looks quite nice tonight not that many clouds about I'll have a look when it gets dark ;-) & Kriss77, I bet that was amazing, I've only just started getting into Astrology, only had mine for about 3/4 weeks, went to Salou earlier in the year and I wish I had had some with me then, but rest assured they will be travelling with me everywhere I go from now on.
  20. Thanks sn00p Do all the mount variations come with a 2x barlow, as it's not listed on the GOTO page, looks like a top scope though, have you got any extra EPs for it & how would you descibe your viewing experience so far? Thanks in Advance.
  21. Thanks sgazer sounds like theres some good advice there, so if I was to go for the 127, would I also have to buy different EPs to achieve the 200-250x
  22. Yep that does look like something I could use, nice looking scope and I am so tempted to just go for it but then again I am in no rush. The specs say that the highest power is x254 So is it correct to say that I wouldn't be able to use a 2x barlow with the 25mm EP as this would take the scope to 300 - which is just x6 over but may/will affect focusing.
  23. Hello Chrispy I don't own one of these myself but having read reviews and looked about (as I'm looking for a scope), Their can be an issue with the power connector, this caused erratic behaviour on the 4se, you could also try flashing the firmware on the device and also make sure you set the date & time (I think this bit is quite important for the goto device to know where the stars are in the sky (I think)), anyway the review is here, like I mentioned it's for the 4se but I'm sure they have the same electonics just a different OTA: http://www.astro-baby.com/reviews/nexstar 4SE/nexstar4se.htm I'd try the date first, hope that helps.
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