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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering, I opened up the camera and reseated everything. The screen is well and truly dead but the USB port has come to life which is excellent. Back in business! Thanks for the responses all
  2. Thanks dobblob. That is helpful to know. I confirmed that the camera is taking pics this evening. Popped out the SD card and all looks good (and slightly red which is great ha). The other pain point is that the USB connection doesn’t seem to be working. It does nothing when I connect to a PC (tried a few). This is annoying because I could live without the screen if I could utilise remote live view via USB. The remote shutter port which is immediately above it works though which is making me scratch my head! Still hoping the full re-try on all ribbons this weekend does the t
  3. Thanks both. I think a re-try this weekend will be the next step and we see where it goes from there!
  4. Hi all This is my first post on this forum and I just wanted to start off by saying thanks to all members. I am just about to start out on the AP journey and it is thanks to a lot of the content on here that I have been able to develop the interest, confidence and plan to move forward with it! I was hoping my first post would be a little more exciting but I have a problem that I was hoping to test with others that may have seen something similar. I just tried to modify my Canon 450D following Gary Honis’s instructions (which were great). I am no electrical engineer but have be
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