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  1. thnx, indeed starsense is an option, but an expensive one. i will look for a used one, but still there must be a easy way. Also, i had a very nice tracking off orion this evening, but do you allign everytime again for a other object?
  2. Hi everyone, A few weeks i finanly decided to start AP back up. I had a very nice setup: Canon 50d astro modded Skywatcher HEQ6 Pro Skywatcher 200 pds 100mm guide scope and synguider. Unfortunally the economy took a global dip, because i had my own busines i had to sell it all. Well those days are gone. Since the last week im a proud owner of a celestron CGE PRO with a skywatcher 250pds. I m starting with a canon 450d. Well everytime i buy some new gear, its is always bad weather the first few months. Well this time it went different, snow and brilliant
  3. Wout

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I`m new here. Im 36 years old and just started to start over with astrophotography. My current set-up Celestron CGE Pro Skywatvcher 250 PDS Canon Eos 45D Well, i will have a lot of questions and i hope some off u will reply. Looking forward to stargazing
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