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  1. Heather you are like a book! whatever I read from you I'm being educated. I noticed this in For Sale / Swap
  2. Thanks Bright Giant, great to know all this info
  3. I'm unsure Heather, funny thing did happen, I was on the phone to Bristol Cameras and I mentioned the cheap price on Amazon, while on the call I posted the link on SGL and by the time I had ended the call the item became unavailable.
  4. Wow, just had a look at the GTi goto mount and a celestron omni 127 SCT scope, looks like a good setup, Heather is right thinking my budget is around the £200 I also had plans buying an extra eyepieces / Barlow lens totalling to £250 If I could find something like above at a similar price I would be very interested.
  5. Can't thank you all enough for your time and help (especially Heather) Lot's for me to process, I did find something but have red flags waving at me! If it's to good to be true it's not for you!... what do you think https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-31051-AstroMaster-Reflector-Telescope/dp/B0013Z42AK?th=1 After checking the link it's now showing currently unavailable, It was £139
  6. After many calls and emails it seems the Skywatcher Heritage 114P Virtuoso will not be back in stock until April, FLO are hoping for late March I've been looking at other options, one in particular is the Celestron Motor Drive, I believe this item tracks? Will I be able to fit the motor drive to Jaden's National Geographic Premium 76/700? I'm slightly up against time as Jaden is now back in hospital, I'm hoping this will be a quick fix until stocks are replenished. Hoping to have something in place for Jaden return. Michael
  7. I had no idea GoTo and tracking are two different things, I was under the impression the GoTo tracked as well. The sky watcher heritage 114p virtuoso looks perfect, would it be better to buy the wifi add-on used with an app on Jaden's iPad or the hand held GoTo device? Thank you Heather for the link, it's a good price but unfortunately out of stock, where it's in stock the price is double, new stock is expected later February . My only concern is being a table mount and not on a tripod, Jaden for sure will crash into the table, I'm hoping I can modify his tripod from his Nationa
  8. Hi all, I'm overwhelmed with your help and can't thank you enough. Jaden is 10 he is very able doing many things once he has been shown how to, but he does have limits to progress, my reason for the GoTO mount is for him to enjoy himself actually seeing something! 9 out of 10 he will not be seeing anything, when I do get something in focus for him it's priceless seeing his excitement, Tiny Clanger you are spot on! All observing is done from the garden. For two years Jaden has show the same excitement viewing the sky, his youtube history is astronomy, stars, planets etc and I fee
  9. Greetings all, I feel a bit embarrassed asking because so much info is out there, but too much info in the wrong hands is dangerous! so thought I should ask the experts. My son doesn't stop talking about astronomy, for two years he has been using a basic telescope (National Geographic Premium 76/700) he would use it a lot more if he didn't have to depend on me so much, because of his needs I do need to be with him. Awhile ago I was offered a second hand Celestron nexstar 4se I was so tempted to buy this because of the GoTo mount, I thought my son could use this on his own, it w
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