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  1. I have just put a post in the wrong album. Can anyone tell me how to delete it or better still move it to the appropriate album?

    Confused of Lowestoft.

  2. Woo Hoo!  :hello2:

    Eight years after we put up a bird-box with a web-cam in it,  we finally aquired our first family of 'birdoes'.  All a bit blurry but good fun watching the four 'blue tit' chicks being fed by their parents.  My word those little birds work hard to raise a family and we can watch them doing it from the comfort of our living room, even when its cloudy and raining! :icon_biggrin:

    Tweet dreams Stargazers 

  3. Back home in Lowestoft tonight and I can see a few stars between the clouds. Good heavens! :happy7: 

  4. It's not everyday that you get to see Galileo' s telescopes and his index finger and thumb in two glass jars! :happy7:

  5. Today, without any intention or plan and purely at random, I chose to walk along a road in Florence on which was located the house from which Galileo Galilei first observed the Medicean Stars or Galilean Moons as we know them. How lucky am I and how brilliant is this?

    George currently not in Lowestoft.



  6. Starry night in Lowestoft tonight.:icon_biggrin: Just returned in from the cold early morning air having captured some images of comet C2015 V2 (Johnson):happy7:. Pleased to have got some data as weather forecast for rest of week is grim and moonlight will also become a problem as we move into May

    Nice crescent moon exhibiting earthshine. Set fairly early so not a problem for the pursuit of faint fuzzies. :icon_biggrin:

    So off to bed for me stargazers. Nighty night one and all.

    George - tired but happy in darkest Suffolk.

  7. Off to bed now, as I fear I'm developing RWE Syndrome (Registax Wavelet Elbow), nighty night stargazers.:happy7:

  8. Nice clear night but too tired to get out scopes. Had 30 minutes in the backyard with my 11x80mm bins. Pretty sure I managed to find comet C2015/V2 (Johnson) for the first time. :happy7: Either close to a dim star or I might have seen a hint of a tail vertically above and facing away from the Hercules keystone. Very faint and my old mince pies aren't what they once were, plus I am prone to wishful vision.:happy6: Anyway I think I have seen it!!

    So off to bed for me stargazers. Nighty night.

  9. Trying out my new pier, image of Jupiter, Io and Ganymede through intermittent hazy cloud.  Just pleased to be up and running again!:happy7:

    Jupiter Io Ganymede 18042017small.png

  10. Tonight I polar aligned my NEQ 6 Pro mount on top of my new pillar. All went well and I was really pleased to use my big refractor for the first time in 2017. For once the BBC weather forecast for Lowestoft did turn out to be more or less correct and the clouds did part a little from about 21.00 until 23.00.  Also everything worked, camera, laptop and software :icon_biggrin:. Jupiter was big and bright and above my backyard horizon SSE.  GRS was on view and I got to watch/image one of the Galilean moons go behind the jovian disc. :happy7: Lots of video to play with this week. :happy6: Must say a permanent pier makes life a lot easier, particularly a tall one when you have a bad back and a refractor. No bending over to look through the eyepiece whoopee!! :hello2:

    A tired but happy old man now in bed in Lowestoft. Sleep tight stargazers wherever you are!

  11. The pier is just about complete, fitted cork and rubber vibration dampers today.  Have only to attach counter-weights to the NEQ6Pro and polar align and I'm ready to go.  Come on jet stream clear off and take the clouds with you.  Jupiter and comet C/2015 V2 Johnson await my attention.:happy7:




  12. Did some work on the pillar and also made a slit and diffraction grating holder for Spectrometer Mk3. Excitement mounts and then gets off again. :happy6:

  13. I was going to have a go at imaging Mercury from the churchyard with my small travel rig but the clouds rolled in at sunset. I also noted that the jet stream has positioned itself over the UK reminiscent of this time last year. Does it know that I'm almost ready to have my 127mm. Refractor back in operation on my new concrete pier?  I think it does - I hate you clouds and jet stream! :hmh:

    Grumpy George in bed Lowestoft

  14. Took the formwork of my reinforced concrete pier today. Not to shabby so quite pleased with the result. Lovely sunny afternoon.  Also watched as an almost full Moon appeared creamy white within the branches of my neighbour's tree. Very beautiful so took a quick snap with my Canon compact camera - all a bit shakey! :happy6:

    George back in Lowestoft

    Moon 09042017small.png

  15. Immobilized by too much pizza - but otherwise mentally alert!

    1. Knighty2112


      Yeah, we've all been there! ;) 

  16. Foggy night in Lowestoft, so no astronomy from our backyard ! Sad!

    Sweet dreams stargazers.

  17. Beautiful night for astronomy in Lowestoft tonight. Used my Altair Astro 66mm. Doublet refractor on  my Star Adventurer mount to take widefield images of Comet 41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak in Ursa Major.  Try as I might I wasn't convinced that I could see it through my 11x80mm binoculars but my Canon 600d DSLR captured it easily at ISO 1600 and 30sec exposure. Rather a nice little green comet! :icon_biggrin: Grandchildren coming tomorrow for the weekend, two very nice little girls :hello2: :happy7: , so image processing will take a very poor second place until at least Monday.

    Night night stargazers where ever you are.




  18. Second concrete pour on 'George's Column' completed today.  Now the wait whilst the concrete cures and before I can remove the shuttering.  Two of my younger grandchildren are visiting at the weekend so I will  leave the  shuttering in place  until Monday.

    Night all

  19. Lowestoft Pier Construction (aka George's Column): First concrete pour accomplished and all covered up prior to the arrival of rain. Hopefully,tomorrow will be fine and I will be able to complete the concrete work with the second pour. Gave the steel levelling plate a coat of Hammerite - literally watching paint dry. Too jiggered to do more work on Spectrometer 3 Project - having a sit down before dinner.

    George 'tired but happy' in an overcast and rainy Lowestoft

    1. JimT


      Well done George, good to hear you are getting somewhere.  Have restarted my observatory rebuild in what I can only say is a wreck of a garden, clearing it all up and laying the floor of the observatory a bit at a time.











    2. Hawksmoor


      Best of luck with your observatory floor.  Hope the weather stays fine for your construction works.  I was lucky with the weather today and managed to complete the concreting by about 5.00pm.  Its staying light to quite late now, spring has arrived.  Jupiter is looking good if a bit low in the sky.


  20. Had a good day building my telescope pier. Welded up the mild steel reinforcement and chem-fixed to concrete sub-base. Also chem-fixed shear studs into existing concrete. Finished fabricating timber formwork. Weather and wife permitting should be able to complete first concrete pour tomorrow.

    Night all


  21. Aurora over Lerwick spectacular tonight. Have been watching it via webcams1 and 3 at Shetland.org. 

  22. Nice transparent night in Lowestoft. Spent a happy hour in our backyard with my big bins. Jupiter a big disc and at least one moon visible. Hercules rising in the east so had a look at the two globular star clusters. The Beehive cluster a very pretty sight through bins. Could also see the more distant and older cluster in Cancer. Ursa Major overhead so had a wander through the constellation. Leo and Virgo due South picked out the chain of galaxies. Gemini and Auriga low in the west but still able to pick out four Messier open star clusters. What a lovely night!

    Nighty night Stargazers


  23. Better day working in the backyard on the pier. Managed to wire together the reinforcement for the free standing column.  It then started to rain with some force,  so decided to give up on the arc welding. Electricity and water not the best of bed-fellows. :icon_biggrin:

    Continued work on the pier formwork and started Spectrometer 3 project. I love 'bumbling' about in that shed!!

    Now sitting down with a beer. :happy11:


    Lowestoft Pier 010.png

  24. Lowestoft Pier build took a set back today. The electric concrete mixer that had rested quietly for 6 years under a tarpaulin on our backyard did not go when I plugged it into the National Grid.  Shocker :happy8: . Had to take it apart. :happy6: The electric motor had seized solid. Had to drill the main shaft to obtain sufficient purchase to free it with loads of WD40 and brute force. Finally got it reassembled and working at about 4.30 pm.:icon_biggrin:

    Onwards and upwards

    1. JimT


      Silly boy George, you had me thinking a ship had hit the town pier or it had fallen into the sea :D


  25. According to th BBC weather site, the weather last night in Lowestoft should have been good to midnight. It started well so out came my mini imaging rig and off I go with some video clips of the Moon. Waxing fibrous so I thought I would go for a mosaic composite using my 90mm ETX at about F13.8.  All was going well until the clouds rolled in. They began to clear and high level ice crystals took over. Nice 40 degree ring around the Moon but as for the video clips, there on in - blurry.  Astronomy must be one of the coldest and most frustrating of all hobbies. I'm just too obstinate to give up. :happy7:

    1. Hawksmoor


      I hate predictive text. The moon was waxing gibbous not fibrous. Must say though, a fibrous moon would be different! :happy8:

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