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Image Comments posted by Hawksmoor

  1. As the ISS was visible and being chased by SpaceX quite low to my horizon , I abandoned the backyard and sat in a bedroom to watch from an elevated position. With time on my hands I wondered what might be achieved image wise just by pointing my Canon 600d plus telephoto lens (f=240mm.) at it. I was surprised that you could acquire a recognizable image of sorts. The picture is a rough composite of radical enlargements of star like dots on the original widefield images. Exposure times and ISO ratings were varied. The best images being obtained at 1/500 sec at ISO 6400. Not pretty but remarkable what a  relatively inexpensive camera hand-held by an old man hanging out of an upstairs window can achieve!

  2. 1 hour ago, Paul M said:

    Very nice!


    1 hour ago, Paul M said:

    Very nice!

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I did not set out to image the Moon. I was setting up to image Venus and noticed the Moon much lower down and just above the false horizon created by the kitchen extension roof. It was so beautiful I decided to capture a composite image. I never think you can do justice to the quality of light and colour when you capture the Moon in twilight. But I keep trying!


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  3. Comet C/2019 Y1 (ATLAS) -127mm Apo refractor and Canon 600d DSLR  30x2min lights at ISO 1600. Very nice clear dark night and all my kit worked! Pretty much my last chance to point my big scope at this before it goes behind my house roof. Nice comet!

  4. Central area of Mellotte 111 - Altair Astro 66 mm refractor with 0.6x focal reducer and field flattener on a Star Adventurer equatorial mount. Canon 600d DSLR at f=240mm. 60x60sec lights at ISO1600. This cluster covers such a large area of sky!

  5. Last night was Moon and cloud free so had lots of fun under the stars. The comet was located in Ursa Major not far from the Bears nose. Image taken with my widefield mini-rig. Altair Astro 66mm Doublet with 0.6x focal reducer and field flattener delivering f=240. Canon 600d DSLR mounted on Star Adventurer Equatorial mount. 40x60sec lights at ISO1600. Could see the comet through 80x11 bins using averted vision. The image is a slight crop of the full field captured.

  6. When you live at sea-level and at the UK's most easterly point, evening views of Mercury are hard to come by. I took this handheld snap whilst hanging out the bedroom window. Venus and Mercury together in the early evening is a real pretty sight. Canon 600d DSLR with standard zoom lens -1/15th sec exp at ISO6400.

  7. Orion's Dagger hanging from his belt - Altair Astro 66mm Doublet Refractor - Canon 600d DSLR on a Star Adventurer equatorial mount. (ISO800 - 40x3min lights and 20x 30sec lights stacked and blended) . Very pleased that by using my x 0.6 focal reducer and field flattener I could get the Flame, Horsehead, Running man and Orion Nebulae on my DSLR chip.

  8. 04 Jan 2020 Midnight to 3:00am, observed about 24 meteors imaged two. This one whizzing past Polaris was the most spectacular. Tripod mounted Canon 600d DSLR with EFS 18-55mm lens at f=18mm. 15sec lights at ISO1600.

  9. In between the clouds, rain and moonlight I managed to capture about an hour of 1 minute exposures at ISO 800. with my Canon 600d DSLR and EF zoom lens 90-300.  all mounted on a Star Adventurer. I thought I would get my last gasp glimpse of the summer 'Swan' before I start hitting the 'Gluhwein'. Added a pretend diffraction spike to Deneb for fun!

  10. This isn't a brilliant image of the transit of Mercury 11-11-2019 but the weather was terrible. This image was taken between clouds just before sunset with a white light filter and my Altair Astro 66mm doublet with 2.5x Barlow and Canon 600d DSLR. The unusual bit being, it was taken by me hand holding this ungainly telescopic lens combo whilst leaning, well past my natural angle of repose and well outside my first floor bedroom window.

  11. Grim weather here on the UK's  east coast. Last night I noticed that upper atmosphere ice crystals had given the full Moon a '22 degree halo' Snapped this with a hand held Canon IXUS 160 compact camera. - Even optical artefacts may be beautiful.

  12. As Jupiter this year, never got high enough for me to point my pier mounted scope at it,  I was delighted to find out that I could 'play' with Juno Cam images. I thought this image really shows the GRS 'unravelling' at the edges. Credit: NASA JUNO.

  13. Comet W2 AFRICANO in the constellation Andromeda - Altair Astro Lightwave 66mm. Doublet Refractor with 0.6x focal reducer and field flattener and Canon 600d DSLR all on a Star Adventurer equatorial mount. Crop of a stack of 15x60sec lights at ISO1600. Not the greatest of images but there was a lot of high level cloud and some moonlight. Pleased to find this without goto on this little scope and mount - nearby bright stars delta and epsilon Andromeda were a great help.

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