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  1. Hi, thank you for all your positive comments :-) Very happy to read, that you like it! I've got two more videos of Egypt in progress, so stay tuned.. White Desert and the Great Sanddunes will follow in a while. Best regards, Pascal
  2. Hi, finally I finished my timelapse video which I captured last year in the Black Desert of Egypt: As always I would love to hear your comments and opinions! Have fun watching! Pascal
  3. click for fullscreen I took this picture on my holiday in Australia. I had a great time on the beach of Fitzroy Island (Great Barrier Reef).. Would love to hear your opinions and comments! Bye, Pascal
  4. Hi, thank you all! Yeah, that is my favorite moment, too It was truly amazing. And yes, you have to look out for all those crawling creatures on the ground.. Luckily I did not meet one of them at that night Pascal
  5. Hi all, thank you so much for all your comments Glad that you like it! Yeah, the sky downunder was really breathtaking. Unfurtunately this was one of only two clear nights in the outback But I think I used it the right way Thanks again! Bye, Pascal
  6. Hi Kevin, Somehow I like the older version better. This one looks a bit blurry to me in comparison with the old one? But nevertheless, both pictures are great! I would be happy to get even close to that Pascal
  7. Hi there, I shot a new timelapse in Australia.. the night sky there is just breathtaking, it was so fantastic! This picture shows one of the most impressing moments, when the moon sets.: Have fun watching the complete video and please leave your comments! Pascal
  8. Think so too, did you use a lens hood? What focal length did you use?
  9. Yep that's what it is No those images really were stitched, not stacked. 11mm is far not enough to get the milkyway all the way on the photo. I don't know the real directions anymore, but if we say that the left and of the arc is in east, then the right edn of the arc would be in west. So that picture covers at least 200° of horizontal view Unfortunately I had no knowledge about darkframes at the time I took the pictures, otherwhise I would have made some. But for this picture I did not use the camera internal NR, but a small programm called Noise Ninja which allows many settings to be made and so achieve a very good noise reduction. Thank you! I think I will publish the videos in an own thread, so that we can be sure nobody misses them Thank you all for your nice comments! Pascal
  10. Hi Baz, I used a Nikon D90 equipped with a Tokina 11-16mm. 11mm, f/2.8, ISO 3200, 25s exposure. The image was made of 14 single pictures. Hope that helps Pascal
  11. Wow, that's really impressive. Great how many details you can see even in the full resolution image. Good job! Pascal
  12. Thank you all for your nice comments ! Glad that you like it! Pascal
  13. Hi Olly, well here in Germany the light pollution is quite high just about everywhere. There are some regions where you can try your luck, but we just don't have enough space to have a really dark region here Thanks to all for your welcomes! Pascal
  14. Nice photo, you placed Polaris on the right position I'm using startrails.exe too for those kind of images, works fine with 500 and more images..
  15. Thank you very much, happy that you like it ! Was amazed about how clear the sky was there, near Bodie. Even the small lights from the town could not really prevent the milky way from showing up that clear. You would never see the milky way that bright in Germany anywhere Pascal
  16. Hi, thank you all for your nice welcomes I'm sure I will have lot of fun in this forum! Pascal
  17. Hi there, I just found this great forum via Google and want to shortly introduce myself: My name is Pascal, I'm from Germany and I am very interesseted in astronomy and especially astrophotograghy. As I'm relatively new to this, I only got a few pictures which I could show, but there will be more to come soon, I hope My first contribution to this forum can be found here, I hope you like it. One thing I do are astronomical timelapse movies. Those show the night sky and the milkway. You can have a look on them on my website, if you like to. I'm looking forward to browse this forum, I'm sure there will be great pictures to discover! Pascal
  18. Hi there, I just found this great forum and want to show you a panorama of the milkyway, which I shot in my last holiday in the USA: For a fullsize version please click the photo and then the Zoom Button on the left. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments to my photo! Thank you Pascal
  19. Really nice shots! Love how you combined the foreground with the stars in the sky. The dogs are great Some pictures seem a bit noisy, but I guess thats due to the high ISO. Pascal
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