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  1. Hi and welcome to SGL
  2. Move to mono (ASI294MM currently in the shopping cart, waiting for wife’s approval) and move back to Spain, where I hope I have more clear nights (no backyard in my flat though ).
  3. I have both and results never coincided. Now I only use the Cheshire.
  4. Welcome to the Lounge!
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL. Bear in mind that every new telescope comes with several cloudy nights.
  6. PHD2 to blame then. But I should be happy with everything below 0.6”, no?
  7. 3.52”/px I believe (ASI224 in a 8x50 - 220mm fl - guidescope).
  8. Last 3 sessions early this week I managed to get below 0.5” (closer to 0.4”) for over 3 hours with a stock EQ6-R Pro. PPEC proved a good ally along with a good leveling, balancing and PA. Not the regular values though: normally 0.5”-0.6”. And without a permanent observatory. Very happy with this mount (the only component that I managed to get a good performance from)
  9. Welcome to the Lounge, Malcolm!
  10. Following with interest. Yesterday I had the opportunity (first night in weeks) to play with my astro-stuff (in the presence of a bright moon) and took 3 hours of the Pacman Nebula split in 12x300s, 15x240s and 20x180s, all at ISO800. I wanted to use APT histogram to set the optimal exposure time, but all three tests seemed overexposed (further to the right than expected). Next cloudy night (tomorrow unfortunately) I'll have a go with the data integrating all subs in a single image. Maybe not very practical in this target, but a new technique to learn. Regarding calibration frames, since I only use Flats and Bias (both ISO-dependent only) I will use a single set for all the subs. If you use Darks, I believe you will need a set for every different exposure time. Looking forward to hear from the experts.
  11. Hi and welcome back to the Lounge!
  12. Same here! When I alt+click I have the seeing profile of the single star, as depicted by @vlaiv in the previous post. But in the FWHM column is missing in the tote view. Trying to solve the issue, I updated the AtroimageJ app to its latest version (3.40). Now I can't open any image file. Tonight is the fist clear in weeks so I will try to troubleshoot any other night.
  13. My condolences. Nice image Peter!
  14. Thank you very much @vlaiv. I had in front of my eyes
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