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  1. 12 minutes ago, kens said:

    It looks like the registration stage has failed. Maybe you need to put in some registration options like Min Star Pairs

    Done and didn't help. I don't think the failure is in the registration phase since I managed to stack correctly in SiriL the already registered intermediate files from Siril IC.

    10 minutes ago, AstroMuni said:

    Then check the log tab and see if it there are any errors showing up.

    Didn't see any. I'll double check tomorrow.

    Thank you both!

  2. 3 hours ago, alacant said:

    Well done. You'll love it.


    3 hours ago, alacant said:

    Don't forget to remove the adapter and screw an extension onto the cc.

    I'm still trying to get rid of some residual coma in my images and the CC could be the cause. Do you mean this ring:



  3. Hi and welcome to SGL.

    What version of the 130 do you own, P or PDS? The focuser (and its height) is different depending on the model. If you have the 130P you could have not enough inwards travel distance to reach focus. The PDS version is designed for astrophotography, hence the shorter focuser. 

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