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  1. ok thanks both - I hadnt realised the limitation with the 1.25. - will do some more rersearch.
  2. Ive a Star Discovery p150i so 150mm primary mirror and 750mm focal length. Very myuch getting into the hobby and wondering if its worth going wider on the scope or maybe better to just use in tandem with the binoculars.
  3. I got my binoculars out last night for the first time in a while and it reminded me how great they are for general wide angled viewing. If I look at eyepieces for my telescope to give a similar field of view is it best to look for a higher degree of view or can too high distort things too much? So for example might an 82 degree 32mm be preferable over a 62 degree 40mm or not as they give a similar field of view? I realise there are other factors but as a general rule?
  4. What have I got highlighted here in Sky Safari - all the blue circles? I cant find the setting for this to disable it. My IPad and iPhone settings are pretty much identical and it doesn’t show like this on my iPad. Any thoughts?
  5. Does anyone know who does the audio descriptions in the SkySafari app 'Audio Tour' for objects etc? Assume he knows his stuff but wondering who it is?
  6. thanks both, one more question, I see you setup the alignment etc using the Synscan app - can you then use SkySafari to navigate the skies or are you restricted to SynScan?
  7. What are your thoughts on the StarDiscovery150i @ScouseSpaceCadet - pre doing your mods! Looks to be a sensible option 'swapping' to this. One question - do you need to align the goto each evening or time you go out or are they clever enough to 'remember' the alignment? I'd have to store this in with the OTA off the GOTO mount and tripod after each use so wondering how much setup id need to do each time I use it.
  8. thanks all, I think its best to get something that made to be on a specific mount, will look at the P150i as an option, or as mentioned also the 150 virtuoso, the trouble is, when i do that i'll start to think bigger...
  9. Ah I see, so perhaps an Alt-AZ mount is more suited...
  10. I cant picture what you mean re it needs tube rings to rotate - would there be restrictions putting it on an EQ5?
  11. Interesting, thanks. Sounds like I need to spend a bit(lot) more to get a higher payload capacity to give better stability. I assume that if I upgrade the scope in the future I could just purchase the OTA and use this mount for it - for the most part?
  12. I'm looking at mounting my Heritage flextube 150p on a goto mount and tripod instead of the dob mount it came on. Both suggest a may payload of 5kg and the scope is approx 4KG wihout the dob stand. Ive seen a couple online within my price range - has anyone done this with either of these mounts, might there be any issues? Skywatcher AZ-GTi WiFi GOTO AZ and Skywatcher Star Discovery WiFi GOTO are the 2 ive seen. Thanks.
  13. Got it, thanks, as I sort of thought but couldnt get the head off so did wonder!
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