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Status Updates posted by cotterless45

  1. Jupiter transit and the binaries with the C6r. Both Lee and Patbloke bought 150 f8's. Neither the Phenix (yuk) or the Helios touch the "yard canon. "It really is a nice useful scope. I'd have got the Newt out, but it doesn't like moonlight . I could see a festoon or two into the equator, but the seeing was so transitory , it was hard to define and draw, but defo there,

    clear skies,


  2. Clear forecast tonight ! Xmas had come early !

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    2. nightfisher


      Im hoping this is right, as i would like to have a wee peak at M42

    3. Uranium235


      Same here, Orion is in my sights tonight. Not too late though, dont want to be zombified for xmas dinner =P

    4. stevend


      I will be looking for Lovejoy, it reaches 6deg at c2330. Boxing Day looks a lot better if the skies are clear.

  3. Clear skies and no Moon forecast , yahoooooo!

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    2. jetstream


      Finally some good skies Nick, congrats!

    3. Daniel-K


      ive got some clear spells bewtween 7 & 12 so im going the forest :)

    4. alanjgreen


      dont forget the SN in NGC4666 - "ASASSN-14lp" (Mag 11.1)

  4. Wonderfully bright comet in CrB, best thing I've seen !

    1. tingting44


      what comet was it?

    2. jetstream
    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      a morning i will remember for a while, what astronomy is all about!

  5. Set up at 4 for the multiple moon transits. Got the first, then thick cloud, grrrrr!

    1. jetstream


      Lets hope it clears Nick,the Geminids I don't want to miss either...Good luck over there

  6. Set up at 4 for the multiple moon transits. Got the first, then thick cloud, grrrrr!

  7. Clear skies forecast tonight, yippeeee!

  8. Giving clear skies early tomorrow , setting the alarm.

  9. Clear skies forecast ! Hurrah !!

    1. Marki


      Oh yes indeed! Now, the ony thing is, which scope ;)

    2. Gino Arcari

      Gino Arcari

      Its about time!

  10. All set up waiting for comet Jacques, clouds rolled in and an XXXL Moon arrived.

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    2. stevend


      Clouds are coming and going, but due to trees Jacques will be a week away for me.

    3. Marki


      Rats - spoke too soon. Nipped in to make a cuppa and red the forum, leaving scope under clear sky - now raining and having to dry my skylight f13 ! Jacques will have to wait!

    4. kerrylewis


      Saw him this morning even with a v bright moon. No clouds!

  11. the gurus of weather have predicted clear nights tonight and tomorrow, hurrah !

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    2. Daniel-K


      i guess you have not looked out the window yet

    3. faulksy


      shame about the moon though nick

    4. jetstream


      Awesome Nick!

  12. Wind, clouds and rain. Hoping for clear skies !

    1. YKSE


      The same here so far this week

    2. ronin


      Seems like rain here for the weekend and Monday. Equally they said that Wednesday and it was clear at 8:00pm onwards.

  13. hopefully clear skies tonight , hurrah !

    1. emadmoussa


      A big chunk of light pollution..AKA the moon :D

    2. YKSE


      fingers crossed for you! I need to wait a few days after latest lucky nights

    3. jetstream


      Good luck Nick!

  14. Anyone else viewing this evening ? Nice and dark , plenty rockets !

    1. YKSE


      looking forward to your report!

    2. emadmoussa


      Yep, too dark and rainy stars are popping up in my head :)

    3. YKSE


      me too last night. maybe get an opening tonight...

  15. off to Skye for 2 weeks. Don't know whether to take lightbridge, Cr6 or 200 on goto or the lot ?

    1. Qualia


      If possible go for aperture :-)

    2. Marki


      Enjoy! How big is your car? Take it all, LOL :)

    3. foundaplanet


      Yeah, take it all..:D

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