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  1. Hi John Gotot it up and running for the first time last night, most of the time was spent getting a feel for the go to and the weird way eq axes work. Also seeing wasn't too good and a 99% moon made it all a bit of a challenge. Did manage look at the Beehive and a few double stars. I did find the straight through finder to be a pain in the neck so that might be the first to go. Also the polar alignment using a compass worked reasonably well so the polar scope has now dropped off the list for now Thanks John you asked just the right questions to unmuddy the waters somewhat.
  2. Welcome from Pembrokeshire, we send you some of our wet so as not to appear too greedy.
  3. 6 inch reflector ✓ CG 4 mount. ✓ Aluminium tripod ✓ Synscan fitted and working ✓ So now the big question - what to upgrade next? And in what order.? a) Upgrade eyepieces b) Right angle finder scope c) Polar scope d) Steel tripod e) Adjustable seat Bearing in mind I'll probably convince myself that I MUST HAVE THEM ALL just wondering which route you'd take through the astro hypermarket? Visual only buy the way.
  4. I'm struggling to get my hands on a mount for my shiny new Skywatcher 150 mm f5 Newtonian. Would a Celestron cg4 fit the bill as a stopgap til normal service is resumed? Thanks
  5. Had a try at this at 22.45 last night from supposedly Bortle 4 , managed 8 after about 10 mins. Might be the effects of cataracts rather than pollution so I don't think I'll send the results in.
  6. Interested if still available, willing to pay shipping costs to Pembrokeshire. Cheers
  7. Looking for a Skywatcher Synscan mount either 3, 35 or EQ5. Will consider non computerized if price is right. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  9. Is this still for sale and is there a photo of it?
  10. Hi everyone thanks all for the advice. I don't actually have a DSLR, just trying to figure out how much more I'm likely to spend in the future. The money tree is a bit bare at the moment. Clear skies!
  11. Hi I'm just starting out with a 150 mm f5 Newtonian on Skywatcher eq3 Pro Synscan mount. My scope is towards the top end of the payload for the mount. So using a DSLR may be pushing things. My question is would upgrading the aluminium tripod to steel increase the payload or will I need a whole new mount? Cheers
  12. After several years away from astronomy the Great Conjunction has got the astro juices flowing. I used to be called "timefortea" but the email provider for that has gone to dust so I had to change identity.
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