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    Beginner, mainly visual, sliding toward DSLR /iPhone Prime Focus/Afocal imaging, cluster-fan, dabbling with doubles, light-polluted DSOs, tooled-up for planetary & lunar, grab & go a must.
    Telescopes & Mount : Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak, Skywatcher StarTravel 80, AZ GTi goto
    Eyepieces: Baader Hyperion 24mm fixed, Baader Hyperion 8-24mm & 2.25 Barlow. SW Super 10mm & 25mm. 
    Other stuff:  SW 9x50 & Telrad finder,  Celestron Nature 10x50 ED Bins, Helios Fieldmaster 7x50 Bins.  Nikon D80, D90.  
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    Winchester, Hampshire. UK 51 3' 56" 1 18'51"

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