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  1. Beautiful. I really love the colours! Hope to get pictures like yours soon
  2. Awesome picture! What software did you use to process this image? Is it Photoshop or PixInsight?
  3. I've just received my new telescope 2 months ago and this was my second attempt to take pics of the Moon. I decided to combine it together with my previous shot of the full moon last month and to create a HDR Moon. Telescope: Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PDS Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ5 with AZ-EQ5 pier tripod Eyepiece: GSO Super Ploss 15mm Camera: Huawei P40 Pro Hope u all like it
  4. My first telescope arrived today, the 130pds and EQ5 mount. I was so excited! Can't wait for first light.
  5. Wow beautiful! Wonder what's the name of this target? Edit: Wondering is your 700d modded?
  6. For DSOs imaging, an EQ mount is definitely better than an AZ mount. For the 130pds and EQ3 Pro, I think the 130pds should be fine on a EQ3 Pro. That's also the set up that I'd considered to get before. But after some consideration, I made the final decision to get an EQ5 instead since you'll also have to consider the weight after adding in the camera, guide scope, guide camera, cables etc.
  7. OMG! This is the definitely the best North America Nebula I've ever seen! Can I use it as a wallpaper for my tablet and PC? XD
  8. Tan Zhi Qi


    Very special capture. Love the spiral structure of the galaxy :)
  9. 谢 @SaberJeff 兄弟! Tbh, that's actually my mom's phone haha. But I'm glad that she's willing to lend it to me for my Astro Imaging session.
  10. Wow, amazing job! What do you think about the new focuser? I'm about to get the 130pds soon.
  11. Thank you! Sounds great, looking forward to see your images!
  12. @Gmx76 I did managed to find some pre built version of Onstep for EQ3-2 mounts in a China second hand market, should cost around 100 USD. Maybe if you can find some agent in your country that could help you get those stuffs? Planning to get one for myself too (be getting an EQ3-2 mount soon!)
  13. Just got this picture from my friend. This is how it looks like when installed on mount. Do note it's a micro GoTo.
  14. I have a friend using that kit with his CG4 and has quite decent results.
  15. Wow! Love the details! Amazing! Wondering what camera are you using?
  16. Tan Zhi Qi

    mars 9.jpg

    Nice capture of Mars!
  17. Moon and stars are taken with Huawei P40 Pro, clouds taken with Huawei Honor 8C. Edited in Snapseed. Hope you all enjoy it!
  18. What equipment did you use for this?
  19. @Marvin Jenkins What Canon DSLR would you recommend, I'm tight with budget
  20. @happy-kat a friend suggested that. He used Pentax for AP and got pretty good results. The astro tracker features also seems quite useful.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting a DSLR to attach it to my SW 130pds to do AP. Currently I've looked into the Pentax 5k-iis and Pentax ks-2. Can't decide which one to get. Perhaps anyone here have any good suggestions? TIA and clear skies!
  22. Wow! Can really see the difference before and after modification. Great work!
  23. Wow! This is one of the clearest and most detailed image of sunspot I've ever seen!
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