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  1. Nightshift looks very useful. Thanks.
  2. RDF is working, a soldering iron and contact cleaner work wonders. All aligned ok. Nipped out last night during a clear spell and remembered to level the tripod this time. Was able to track using 1 axis. Very slowly learning my way round the sky. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks everyone. Only reason I asked about an RDF alternative was if I don't bring this one back to life.
  4. Thanks. I've got Sky Map on my phone, we starting using that for finding constellations last year. Will check out your other suggestions. Is there a better alternative to a red dot finder?
  5. There wasn't a cloud in the sky when I went to pick it up yesterday, great I thought. As soon as it was dark I went outside and clouds everywhere! It did clear just enough later on to get a good view of the moon though.
  6. Hi everyone. Bought a second hand telescope yesterday. It's a Sky Watcher refractor 70mm, focal length 900mm. It only came with a 25mm eyepiece and red dot finder, that only works intermittently so today's job is trying to fix that. I believe it has an EQ1 mount according to the seller. I tried to align the mount and we setup last night. Got some amazing views of the moon, but the mount needed adjustment on both axis to keep the view centred so will check the alignment again today. I have ordered a 10mm eyepiece, is there anything else I need to add? Viewing will be from my garden, i
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