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  1. So........ If I've got a Skywatcher 130P goto scope, I want the following, right? http://firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=Skytron_power_cable (which one btw?) http://www.maplin.co.uk/portable-jump-starter-and-air-compressor-49038 andy
  2. Hi All, Been a while since I read through all tha pages & can't remember which one I've seen an offer from someone helping out with the soldering mod to the camera....... is that offer still on the table as I'm quite cack-handed at delicate stuff like that.... PM me if still on........
  3. Hi, I'd say be careful with the 130P if you want to take photo's with a DSLR, or at least a Canon 300d camera. I just couldn't focus with it (something to do with the back focus or something). Not sure about the other scope, but i've seen in another thread that the 150P doesn't have the same problem...... bit late for me really though ;-(
  4. lol, didn't even notice it was dark.... !!! I had the t-ring & the adaptor & stuff, but after speaking to FLO, it doesn't look like the 130P has enough back focus or something without heavily modifiying the focuser...... I've opted to sell the Canon & I've bought a modified philips 880 webcam (to work as a 900). Just waiting for the nosepeice to come from Waynes website now :-) Also I don't want to mess around with the tube as I'll end up breaking it..
  5. Just found it: http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/113699-philips-spc880nc-now.html
  6. It goes on the end of the special nosepeice you need. There's another thread in SGL (can't find it now) that goes through it & some instructions of how to flash an 880 to a 900 and fit the nosepeice & also how to mod for long exposure.
  7. lol..... what an epic !!!!!! It's taken me about 2.5 hours on & off to go through all 23 pages of this thread.... but worth it.... thnx everyone.... I've now ordered a pre-flashed camera & IR/UR filter from Morgan's & the nosepiece from Wayne I think I've got the instructions pages bookmarked...... so tired now, can hardly keep my eyes open..... Will have to wait now until the come & hopefully I'll be able to get some imagery off my Skywatcher Exploer 130P at last....... (tried a Cannon DSLR before but not enough back focus [or whatever] on my scope).
  8. Hi All, I bought a Skywatcher Explorer 130P telescope & I’m now trying to use it with my Canon 300d dslr camera. I have the T-ring & adaptor, etc, but I can’t focus the camera through the telescope. Do you know if my type of camera will work with my scope, or is there any other type of camera that anyone would recommend to work with the Explorer 130P. Or…. Is it that the 130P doesn’t work (can’t focus) with a dslr. Getting very frustrated with it, but I'm a newbie to both photograhpy & Astrology...... :-( Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  9. Hi All, So as a complete beginner, what's the best power source to use (wires as well if needed) to power the the Explorer 130p Goto?
  10. Hi All, Just joined site as advised by Brett :-) looking at a few of the comments he was right that it's a friendly place :-) I'm getting into astronomy really because of my son, who's expressed on interest in it. It's good he's expressed this as normally he's sat in front of the TV or on his Xbox. I've been out & bought what I've been advised is a good starter scope (although reading one of the posts here it advises against buying anything immediately, but hey-ho, I've got it now). I've bought a Skywatcher Explorer 130p AZ goto, hopefully making it easier to work with, with the boy. I got it from Steve at FLO, who was very nice (although he's got a v.bad cold at the moment) & it came the next day, so top marks to FLO's for service :-) I'm looking to set it up tonight (hoping sky around Leics is clearish). Any hints/tips about setup would be greatly appreciated.
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