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  1. Thread can be closed and archived, I’ve sourced one. Thank you.
  2. Looking at getting into guided imaging. To facilitate this I’m looking for a few items...which may be a forlorn hope from what I’ve read! ASIAIR PRO ZWO guide cam with finder scope I’m also looking for a Sky watcher 130 or 150 PDS if possible. Happy to pay for shipping. Cash available for the right items. Thank you.
  3. It’s more of a physical issue rather than ‘really’ needing the illumination, getting into position to see through the scope is difficult for me, so just looking for things to either lessen or remove completely the time I’m down there. I’ve got a red light head torch, will try that. As for assembling anything, given my big fat fingers, absolute lack of any fine motor skills and Neanderthal DIY skills, I’d say no, probably not, but I will give it a go if all else fails. Thanks for the help, it really is appreciated.
  4. Coops1606


    I am indeed, although my debit card has been screaming for mercy for about two weeks now!
  5. None in stock Called them this morning, not likely to be in stock for at least 4 weeks either...<sign>. Thanks again Covid!
  6. Thanks, I’ve seen that but to understate things completely, I have a somewhat chequered history when ‘bodging’ things , I think I’ve just found a compatible one on FLO, so an order will be made! Although I haven’t yet found an illuminator. Thanks all.
  7. Coops1606


    Hi all, By way of an introduction, having had a significant amount of time on my hands due to shielding (thanks Covid ) I’ve recently returned to astronomy after a significant amount of time...<whispers> 30 years. So very new, with a little bit of sky knowledge, but trying to catch up with the tech now prevalent in the hobby. I’m in Staffordshire UK, disgracefully middle aged and currently running a C6 SCT on an EQM 35 pro mount, as soon as retailers restock I’m hoping to snatch a 130PDS for some deeper sky photography. That’s pretty much it!
  8. Thank you, I saw them but it’s a little bit ‘over the top’ on price.
  9. Hi Dweller, I hope to be soon, although I’m very much a beginner, it’ll only be DSLR Imaging at the moment though.
  10. Hello all, I apologise, I know it’s not the done thing to pile into the classifieds super quick, but desperation is setting in. I’m looking for a couple of bits to make my life a little easier, I suffer from a condition which affects my joint mobility and therefore I’m really struggling with polar alignment on my EQM35 mount, I can do it, but it takes me ages to get back off my knees! Primarily, I’m looking for a right angle polar scope eyepiece and additionally a SW polar scope illuminator, I’ve gone to the usual retailers, but no one seems to have any stock of either. I
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