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  1. Yeah that’s the set up I was thinking about. The camera with an L bracket and scope come in at over 1.5kg and that weight would be off centre. This puts a bit of pressure on the main camera bracket. What made me think about it was any lens around that weight has its own mounting foot. Would be great to get the scope mounted on top of the lens meaning the camera mount would only be taking the camera weight. I was thinking maybe use some sort of telescope hope clamp that could clamp on to the lens and have the guide scope on top of it. just got to find something the corr
  2. Hi, I want to start taking images with my Nikon Camera and 150-600 lens. I have a EQ mount on order and I am trying to work out the best way to mount a guide scope. I was thinking of mounting it on the side of the camera with an L bracket but this would put extra weight on the camera’s main mount Has anybody using a DSLR camera lens worked out a way to mount the guide scope on to of the lens? Are there any collars out the that would give the sigma a vixen mount at the top. a lens collar that has the foot at the bottom and a vixen clamp at the top would be per
  3. Interested in this. Do you still have it?
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