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  1. From the deepest bowels of an online retailer they managed to find one of these: Hopefully the 1.6, 2.4 will be back in stock soon, however last one of this type. I'll see how it compares with the TOE 4 mm, but that will be weeks away given the forecasts. Just lucky a random click on the retailers site and I saw this was in stock.
  2. The Baaders ones, reported by CN'ers you have to send back several times before you get a good one, however seeing the diffractions spikes could be down to individual owners. As mentioned in other threads:
  3. This for example, usually Tak publish spot diagram for all of their respective add ons: Spot Diagram for FC-100DZ with FC-35 0.66X Reducer Would be interested to know how you get on with it. As far as the prism goes I was toying with the idea of a 90 degrees prism however after some research they tend to have diffraction spikes so will go with a similar one to you. Edit, given the figures above why am I asking .
  4. Tak states that the extender decreases the focus dot size, hence the mention. Since you are looking at planets are you using a 90 degrees erecting prism, cannot tell from the photo? Thanks
  5. Presuming that increase in depth of field increases contrast and resolution at expense of light. Is this just useful for planets (non-point sources)?
  6. Taks full name is "Takahashi Seisakusho", the name of the founder is Kitaro Takahashi. Seisakusho means Mfg. Co., Ltd. And yes Takahashi is a common name in Japan.
  7. What is you budget? I use a ScopeTech zero which is lightweight and supports up to 7 kg.
  8. They is quite a lot of noise around the G11 on CN, a lot of it around the service received from owners. As usual do we get the full story? I do not have an AXJ, but the model below the SXP2, which is a smaller version, same head part, belt drive, but different motors. Build is superb and very quite in use compared to over belt modified mounts so I do not get sent to the end of the garden. I chose it over the G11 as a lot lighter, while only giving up a little payload. Vixen are conservative with their payload estimates. The star book is handy, and the moon map useful as well, not found an app that mimics its functionality. Cannot tell you about the service offered by Vixen as I’ve not had to use it. I did look at the Avalon, however didn’t need to the extra weight capacity. At the same time the lack of having to perform a meridian flip is attractive.
  9. Going off topic, your Vixen Ports mounts slow mo controls. Would you say they are reliable quality? I've got this to look forward to getting out with my skywatcher slow-mo's, attached to a scope tech zero mount...
  10. This looks the same as the vixen focuser conversion, even down to the instructions....
  11. I've order one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-dual-type-dv-series/adm-dual-dv-dovetail-adaptor-takahashi-scopetech-mount-zero.html Fits to 8mm drilled holes on the ScopeTech, you need to take off the Vixen mount.
  12. I have a Bortle 4 sky to observe the nigh sky, even so too much light pollution from London leaks over the top of the Surrey Hills. Good thing this came in the post.
  13. I'm looking at getting a tracer, I asked RotherValley and they said you can get a splitter for it. Also interested if a fused solution available. Also what's the difference between the t-bar and bullet connector on the Tracer packs? Other options are: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p12444_Bresser-Mobile-Power-Station-100-Watt.html Of to split power a Pegasus box: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p12412_PegasusAstro-Pocket-Powerbox--PPB----Universal-Power-Supply.html
  14. Ok, its a earlier version, goes only to 22 ah https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/BP2546.html So the one above is BP2624 Hence the price being less.
  15. Is this the same model? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/BP2546.html
  16. This one gets reviews, f/11 to the one above https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p11262_TS-Optics-102-mm-f-11-ED-Refractor-with-2-5--RAP-Focuser.html hence less CA. I did consider it when going for a 100 mm refractor, but decided I'd go with better quality glass and a more compact length.
  17. Thanks John. I was told G11 class mount, was looking at a SXP2 as can carry the payload and has belt drives. Apparently less noisy then a skywatcher mount even if it is belt modded, I don’t want to be banished to the end of the garden. the AZ100 did cross my mind, however it will be some time for the motorised version to be available, slow mo is ok, but would be nice not to have to track when observing Jupiter etc.
  18. USB 3 drops back to USB 2 protocol when a USB 2 device is connected, every device on the same hub is then running at USB 2 speed. You only get USB 3 in laptops (as far as I know) now. Looking above you've connected a USB3 cable to the USB2 camera, presume you've tried just a USB 2 cable (not USB3 compatible) to the laptop and camera?
  19. Presuming mark 1 is 8.5 kg and mark 2 is around 10.5 kg for the f/9 flavour. That’s TOA-130 territory. The tube is 1.48 kg more that’s around 0.5 kg unaccounted for. Has the mark 1 got steel cells to avoid pinching the glass in cold weather? Wondering where the extra weight is used? Since mark 2 has the same length, need to over mount, hence you using the T-Rex. With the dew shield retracted what is the length, guess around 100 cm’s. And yes given the price approaching TOA-130 price with only one OK-4 element versus the TOA’s two fpl-53 elements. However does have starlight focused.
  20. Presume you have another previous laptop, can you try and reproduce on that one?
  21. Anyone know what the differences are between John's version and the Apo Refractor 130/1200 CNC LW II version? Both have the starlight feather touch focusers, I was thinking maybe the tube is different?
  22. Its around £4526 for the package TSA-120 new, so around £700 off. Is that usual for Tak's resale price? In two minds between a 120 or 130 mm scope, so if I the 120 mm was not enough I could resell without taking the hit.
  23. Lack of posts, so here is a new Vixen SD103S. Have been enjoying it this summer. Thinking of getting a Vixen Mount either an SXD2 or SXP2, anyone got one?
  24. This little beauty turned up some weeks ago, but only had a chance to use it on the Moon and Jupiter tonight. Amazing. Forced to go Tak after the demise of the Plantary HR.....
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