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  1. Hi, there. I'm a new member from just north of Toronto, Canada. I got the Night Sky Bug many years ago, but have been absent for quite a few years, too. With recent retirement, I've now got the time to start up again, perhaps look for some new/better equipment, and try to associate/contribute to new friends. All the best, Late Life Crisis (L.L.C.)
  2. Good day, all. New to the forum here, and have a question for those more knowledgeable than I (that would include virtually everybody on the planet, I think!). Many years ago (early 2000's), I purchased a Meade ETX 90 primarily for using outside urban areas when camping - using the 'scope from a very dark isolated campsite was tremendous and my young kids loved it. However, life moved on with a new job which required me to travel extensively, so I packed the Meade away for a lot of years. I recently got the bug again now that the kids have flown from home, and was considering getting something a bit larger, a bit like whatever the current version is of the ETX200. Before I do that, I'd like to once again get the '90 back in action for the grandkids. Before I turn it over to them, I want to get a power adapter so they (a) don't run down batteries halfway through using it, and (b) don't have to remember to take the batteries out before storing it, in case it doesn't get set up for quite some time later. Meade apparently discontinued offering their own branded adapter, so I managed to pick up an aftermarket one. But before connecting, I want to verify/confirm whether the center post at the inlet port of the telescope body is positive or negative. My adapter can be configured for center positive or center negative, but the body of the telescope doesn't indicate what polarity the center post is. And the original owner's manual (which I still had!) doesn't specify that either. I don't want to burn out the electronics by just plugging in the adapter and hoping for the best. Anybody here have a Meade telescope with a power adapter? If so, could you have a peek on the adapter body label and see whether the center post is indicated "+" or "-". Thanks, All. L.L.C.
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